Naruto Fashion Tips for your Daily Wear

How to incorpore Naruto Fashion into your daily wear

Both the manga and the anime may have been over for a while, but Naruto will be a series that will be hard to forget. It didn’t only define a whole generation (or two) of otakus (and narutards), but it has also defined the ‘shinobi’ and ‘kunoichi’ aesthetic.

A ninja wears tight but functional and comfortable clothes for everyday and for battle. Kishimoto-sensei somehow made a way of fusioning the traditional with the ‘urban’ look, as Konohagakure and other villages were actually modern-era inspired. It’s nothing too conspicuous but you can’t help but love the style.

So, what to wear for school/office that reminds you of your favorite series without ending up doing a full-on cosplay? Let’s find out:

Going Subtle

1.Naruto’s Hokage Promise Necklace

naruto fashionFifth Hokage Uzumaki Naruto Tsunade Cosplay Pendant Necklace Green Jade New in Box by X-14

Don’t you have dreams too of getting at the top of your game and be recognized by everyone?

Back in the days when being Hokage was a remote dream with remote possibilities for Naruto, this necklace can only evoke you nostalgia. You can subtly wear it under your office or everyday school clothes.

2. Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Fidget Spinner:

naruto fashion

Uh, yeah, not exactly an apparel piece, but it can become part of it as you will endlessly fall in Sasuke’s Sharingan as you try to relieve stress and concentrate in your task at hand.

3. Naruto: Uchiha Itachi keychain

And speaking of Sasuke, you can never go wrong with one of these keychains, and I’m not talking about their obvious use. You can link them to your spiral notebooks, your bag or backpack or even your phone case for that extra little detail.

4- Akatsuki Rings

These are just perfect to wear a different one every day! They simply and awesomely combine with everything.

5.- Uchiha Earrings

They pretty much speak for themselves in their badassery. Small, discrete, combines perfectly with either black, red, blue or white clothes.

6.- Hidan’s Jashin Necklace

naruto fashion

Yes, Hidan fans can have their field day everyday at school or at the office by wearing the very iconic Jasshin religion necklace, showing their loyalty to the Hidan sect, who will still appreciate this gesture from wherever his head remained.

And going not so subtle…

How to get that perfect shinobi or kunoichi look

The key here would be to use neutral, solid colors. Surely you wouldn’t appear one day at the office wearing an orange jumpsuit, would ya?

7.- Naruto Sandals

naruto fashionDazcos Black Shippuden Ninja Shoes

While these are used commonly in cosplay, the subtleness and quality of the material makes them perfect if your office or school doesn’t have a rigid dress code. They may pass as just some cool and comfortable sandals to move around. The best thing is that they are unisex.

8.- Akatsuki Hoodie

Yes, you can finally quell your tentation of going around with the Akatsuki coat with this ultra cool jacket.

naruto fashion

9.- Cropped pants as shinobi pants?

While there aren’t literally ninja pants that aren’t cosplay, there are quite smart alternatives for a comfortable, yet sassy look.

Do these remind you of TenTen? Then you’ve got the idea. These are actually culotte pants or loose capri pants, which have been fairly trendy lately.

10.- The obvious but not so obvious Naruto shirt

Yes, I left this one as last in purpose. There’s nothing like some fellow fans digging that subtle design that works like an inner joke.

And of course, the inevitable Uchiha t-shirt

naruto fashion

Hope this article has given you some good ideas to take the shinobi/kunoichi mindset everywhere with you.

Remember to have fun and not to overdo it!

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