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Yes, I deliberately decided to not make December 2016 Fairy Tail manga spoilers guide, not only due to Saezuru and Yuri on Ice happening o.o, but also due to lack of news.

So I’ll begin this new format with a brief synopsis of the December chapters.

Fairy Tail manga synopsis December 2016

Fairy Tail synopsis chapter 513 – titled Flower Circle

I’m a bit shocked that Rakheid was beaten almost too easily, being technically Natsu’s ‘nephew’, to be frank.

Kagura tells Minerva that she holds no grudges or resentments anymore.

Natsu and Sting can’t even move.

Then this is the infamous Erza/Eileen fight

Erza holds her own against Eileen.

Eileen has the superior advantage in her magic, despite Erza using Heaven’s Wheel.

But Eileen drops the bomb spoilers that we’ve waited for all 2016:

fairy tail manga 513

Erza doesn’t give a shit, since her family is the people who have been with her all her life.

Eileen wants to tell her more about the circumstances of her birth before killing her, but Erza just attacks ahead.

Fairy Tail synopsis chapter 514 – titled The Dragon Seed

It takes us back to Dragnov, Ishgar, 400 years ago, an era where dragons and people coexisted in peace. King Dragon Belserion was their ruler.

We see a young Eileen Belserion, Queen of the Dragons.

They were against the ideology of dragons eating humans. While Dragons helped human civilization to advance, some Dragons of the West felt entitled to eat humans due to their superiority.

King Dragon Belserion didn’t allow that to happen and that begun the infamous Dragon King Festival war.

Erza is hooked, anyway, 400 hundred years ago o.o Her mom obviously pulled a Tsunade, and apparently she has that ability too.

The chapter delves more on Eileen’s ability to grant any object an attribute that makes it stronger, such as giving a wooden stick the properties of an iron sword that can cut over another sword easily.

Despite this, Ishgar was annihilated because some local dragons betrayed King Belserion.

On the verge of losing the castle, Eileen asks Belserion to grant her with the power of a Dragon Slayer.

A human against a Dragon, that was a novelty back then.

fairy tail manga 514

So she’s kinda like the Six Paths Sage of Fairy Tail, by technically having invented Dragon Slayer Magic o.o

By the way, there’s a full Nalu scene with Lucy naked lying next to Natsu to warm up his body. Happy is also there.

In Wendy’s consciousness, she tells everyone what they need to know, though.

Anyway, Eileen tells Erza that despite turning the war in their favor, not everyone could withstand such power, thus the Dragon Seed was born on those that could adapt.

Eileen eventually couldn’t handle the power either, but scales coming out her face, and by then  she was pregnant with Erza.

Fairy Tail synopsis chapter 515 – titled ‘I am you, you are me’

This implies that somehow Eileen’s circumstances were special in regards to her pregnancy.

Mashima kept us hitting in the head with the truth.

But to avoid bestiality / dragon tail sex implications, which would even be too much for this manga, Erza’s father is not King Dragon Belserion, but some emo-looking dude-general that Eileen was obligated to marry to solve a territorial dispute.

This is where Acnologia appeared, he was the one that won the war, killing everyone in sight.

The emo-looking general dude freaked out as how Eileen kept developing dragon scales on her face. The people thought she was going to turn into another Acnologia.

That’s how Erza’s father refused to recognize his unborn child.

Eileen got incarcerated.

She was tortured, beaten and humilliated for three years. What a parallel.

She kept developing dragon scales all over her body. She took all the beatings so she could protect her child.

The emo-looking dude general is an abusive son of a bitch who one day went to her cell and beat her up, and tried to cut open her belly.

But fed up enough, she developed fully into a dragon in her ire, but with wings very similar to what Erza has in her armor.

Going full berserk, she squashed the son of a bitch Erza’s biological father like a bug.

She ran away to the mountains, with Erza still in her belly for hundreds of years.

Untill she met Zeref, who finally helped her get human body again.

Still pregnant with Erza, she still had symptoms of not being able to taste food, couldn’t sleep, and had allergic itches and colds all over her body.

With her body so damaged, she basically wanted to pull an Orochimaru on her unborn child. o.o

“I’m you and you are me, my child”

At this point everyone is freaking the fuck out with her story.

But Eileen finishes her story by telling that she eventually delivered Erza naturally and threw her in the garbage, until they found her and that’s how Erza ended in an orphanage.

Is there’s ever a Ishgar Social Services office, what a field day they’d had o.o

But Erza is unfaced.

Erza: “I’m glad that you threw me away in the garbage, because that’s how I was able to meet my true family”

fairy tail manga chapter 515

Fairy Tail synopsis chapter 516 – titled ‘The truth about enchantment’

Erza accepts the truth about herself. She probably always felt that she was simply an unwanted child, anyway.

Wendy and Erza attack her with all they have and Wendy manages to hurt her.

The reason she can do so is because she has the Dragon Seed, just that it’s suppresed to she wouldn’t have to face dragonification.

Natsu sees Igneel again in his subconcious.

Igneel explains that aside the Dragon Seed, he has too the Demon Seed, thus he is E.N.D

There you have it folks, from the Dragon’s mouth itself. o.o

But he drops another bomb:


Back to Eileen, she somehow regrets that ultimately there was a way to seal dragonification.

So she has a yandere explosion o.o

She swears to avenge Belserion at all costs, that’s her ultimate motif.

And she still wants Erza’s body, so he uses her enchantment to entangle her.

This is a freaking Law and Order case by now o.o

Wendy uses Deus Zero to counter her magic and Erza manages to land an attack.

Eileen is bleeding, but she managed to transfer into Wendy and possess her body, since she was not compatible with Erza precisely because they’re relatives!

Fairy Tail news 2017

January 2017

We kickoff the year with THE excellent news that the movie Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, a project stalled since 2015, will premiere on April.

There’s still more details to be sorted out, but it can be somehow an insight that the anime could return too on October.

April 2017

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie will premiere on June 5th

Despite the secrecy behind this movie, it will have a premiere date of June 5th, and it will be about a magic artifact that can destroy the world.

It was stolen by Zash Caine, who brings it to the Kingdom of Stella, ruled by King Animus and Sonya, the Magician.

The movie was directed by Tatsuma Minakawa of Attack on Titan fame, and Shoji Yonemura wrote the screenplay and Yasuharu Takanashi did the soundtrack.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers January 2017

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 517 – out on January 16 – titled Wendy Belserion

Initial Speculation

Oh dear o.o

Supposedly Lucy will confess to Natsu

Eileen will use Wendy’s body against Erza, who will have no choice than to beat her.

Erza could gain a new form due to this.

While Natsu is unconscious, Igneel explains to him that the Dragon Seed and the Demon Seed are fusioning, and this process is inevitable.

Update January 14:

Finally more updated info on the first chapter of the year.

The cover has Wendy in full Eileen (Irene) regalia, an Orochimaru-style renaissance.

fairy tail manga

While Erza is shocked, Eileen evaluates Wendy’s body.

“A left thigh injury, some bruises here on the knees, but no problem, it will move”

She emits a blast that blows Erza away.

Eileen: “Not bad, she has more power than what I thought”

Erza is lying on the ground. “I can’t…believe this”

As Wendy Belserion walks towards her.

Eileen: “I bet you don’t have such a pretty child like this. Then all I have to do is erase your existence”

She attacks Erza again but she dodges it, and hesitates whether to hurt Wendy’s body.

Eileen attacks agains and slaps her.

Eileen: “you’re just too sweet, Erza”

Eileen keeps attacking like a mad bitch, but she is slowed down by Wendy, trying to take over from the subconscious

She manages to expell Eileen and returns to normal.

Wendy collapses on the ground.

Erza returns to her normal appearance while Eileen is injured.

Erza: “Let’s settle this now”

fairy tail manga

Eileen is in bad shape, bleeding all over.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 518 – titled ‘Extreme Addiction and Master Enchantment’ – out on January 23 – TBA

A scarlet bond of black hatred indeed.

Update January 22:

We have  Happy on the cover, flowering the plants.

The battle continues.

Erza: “Wendy, I’ll end this here”

Eileen (Irene): “Finish me??? I can laugh for 400 years!”

Eileen throws blasts of power at Elsa but she dodges them easily.

Eileen: “I have kept you in my belly for 400 years! But your role is insignificant and so you shall remain!”

Erza: “I feel sorry for your misfortune, but I’m not going to lose!”

fairy tail manga 518

Eileen: “You can’t possibly know anything about my misfortunes”

Eileen manages to hit Erza, but she begins to regenerate her body.

Erza begins telling Eileen her story.

Erza: “I became a slave of a cult group in the village you threw me in”

She’s about to slash Eileen with a sword.

Erza: “My misery might not be as great as yours, but even I learned to love under such circumstances”

But Eileen is unfazed, she stops Erza’s sword

Eileen: “While that’s beautiful, I hate all humans and I hate you even though I gave birth to you”

She nails start growing and slashed Erza in the right arm, she manages to escape cutting them with her sword.

But it regenerates anyway and Eileen starts fully dragonizing o.o

fairy tail manga spoilers 518

I bet Acnologia is interested now.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 519 – out on January 30 – Titled ‘Show me your smile’

The battle continues with a dragonified Eileen, as Erza puts all her strength on her right arm and managed to break down the meteorite.

Eileen (Irene) can’t believe it.

Eileen: Even if you cut down the meteorite, you can’t cut dragon scales!

Wendy, lying on the ground, manages to enchant Erza’s sword, thus it is reinforced.

Erza manages to cut dragonified Eileen through her torso.

Eileen is forced to return to human form.

Bur Erza is in such a bad shape that she falls to the ground, she loses the sword that is near Eileen, as she tries to approach it.

Eileen: this ends here, just give up.

But Erza smiles, and she can’t help but trigger a flashback on Eileen’s mind.

That of her newborn daughter smiling after 400 years of being in her belly.

fairy tail manga 519 spoiler

Eileen: ‘Do not laugh at me!’

She goes deranged and stabs Erza on the left shoulder.

But Erza with all her strenght lifts her up and  butts her head against her mother, knocking her out.

fairy tail 519 spoilers

Eileen: Not yet…and this is over

Eileen pierces her own belly with the sword.

Looking to create a new enchantment with their blood?

Erza: What…?

Eileen: (in thoughts) I’m the strongest woman in Alvarez, and yet…I can’t kill my own daughter.

Erza is on the ground, grinning.

Erza: Why?

Eileen: Even I don’t know

She falls to the ground, having a remembrance of when she left the newborn baby on the village. She didn’t want to enchant her.

Eileen: I was wondering, and now I remembered clearly, have I ever loved you?


Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 520 – out on February 6 – titled ‘Spirit or Demon?’

Looks like this chapter retakes the Natsu END arc. And probably the Natsu / Lucy moments go here. Also the Igneel scene.

fairy tail manga

Update February 6: 

We have Natsu and Lucy on the cover, going on an excursion of sorts with Happy.

Back to Eileen and Erza, indeed the former committed suicide out of confusion and despair for her own motherly feelings.

Erza: “Goodbye, Mother”, as she lies on the ground.

Wendy: “Are you allright?”

Erza: “I’m fine”

Wendy: “I’m asking not only about your body…”

Erza has a fallen eyelid, swelling as hell.

Erza: “Thank you for bothering to ask”

“Still, Master was my only parent”

Wendy says that the smell of Master has not waned yet, but not sure it’s due to being mixed with other people’s smells.

Erza hugs down Wendy, they’re lying on the floor.

We finally get back to Natsu

Natsu is talking with Igneel on a volcanic area.

fairy tail manga

Natsu: Will I die?

Igneel: That’s right

“As the Dragon Seed and the Demon Seed mixes, you won’t be able to live as a normal person anymore”

So he means not a literal death, but a full transformation, similar to what Eileen has gone through.

Natsu: “There’s thing I still need to do, such as defeating Zeref and Acnologia”

Igneel begins to fade

Natsu: “Hey! You can’t just leave when a person is depressed!

Igneel laughs. “Well, let’s talk till the end, then”

Ignel: “One way out of this would be that you choose one of the seeds and eliminate the other”

Natsu: How do I choose?

Igneel: For this you need to have a strong will and someone by your side who is either a dragon or a demon.

Natsu thinks of Zeref and his phrase, “the strongest devil ever created, END”

Igneel: It’s ultimately upon yourself whether you live or die.

Natsu: Am I a dragon or devil?

Igneel: There’s really no answer, Natsu.

Natsu: Even so, I have always been a human being, Natsu Dragneel.

Igneel is touched.

Igneel: I hope you have it right.

Igneel: Revived with the power of a devil, raised by a dragon, but you are ultimately a human being.

Natsu: “Dad”

Igneel: It’s now time for you to advance with your own feet.

Thus Natsu wakes from the lucid dream, with naked Lucy by his side.

He’s more oblivious than Goku and Naruto at this point.

Happy and Lucy hugs Natsu.

Lucy covered herself in Natsu’s sheet.

They are suddenly enveloped in a huge light.

It’s Mavis talking to everyone.

Mavis: “Please take everyone’s hands”

As Eileen died, her enchantment is dissolving.

August realized that Eileen is dead.

Zeref: “The effect of Universe One disappears and everything is the way it should be”


Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 521 – titled ‘The Strongest Mage’ -out on February 13

With Eileen’s enchantment gone, Magnolia returns to its original state.

Mavis is also back,

Mavis: ‘let’s use topography to make the fight easier’

Laxus hold Makarov in his arms

Laxus: “just hang on a bit more, we’ll take you to the guild”.

We get back to the fight between Jacob and Mirajane, hilariously enough he got beaten because the didn’t want to see Mira’s left tit hanging out like Janet Jackson at that infamous awards show.

Wow, so much for the Sprigans, no wonder Japanese fans are so pissed.

Elfman and Lisanna are reunited

But finally we get back to Natsu and Lucy’s side

They’re in Magnolia, and Brandish reappears

They’re still in shock of their surroundings


Dimaria is beaten and shrunk by Brandish

Natsu squeezes her in his hand.

Dimaria panics-

Bur Brandy takes her and they start walking away.

Lucy: where are you going?

Brandish: “I’m relieved  I’m not your enemy now, but well… we will disappear”

Lucy: “I hope to see you again”

But Brandish keeps walking with her back on them.

I guess she’s dissapointed as pretty much everyone with the outcome of all this buildup for nothing? o.o

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 522 – titled ‘Gray’s Trump Card – out on February 20

Well, Gray finally met up with Zeref and they have one of the most interesting dialogues in the manga.

But frankly, I was too busy seeing the Zeref / Donald Trump parallelisms.

Especially when we you see the map of Fiore on his studio.

He said that he wants Mavis’ magic.

Meanwhile, Gildarts fight August and Cana interrupts the fight.

Cana: “Making the impossible possible is what my father does best”

Gildarts: “Cana, no!”

We get back to Gray and Zeref conversation.

Apparently, no one of the 12 Spriggans actually know Zeref’s plans, how very Trumpish of him.

Zeref: “The reason I’m telling you this is because you will be dead when Natsu arrives, anyway”

His idea is to kill Gray to bring out the darkness in Natsu

But even he is unaware that Mashima-sensei has already trolled his plans.

Even Gray knows that Natsu is END, but Natsu is Natsu and there’s no way that he would displace all his anger.

Gray: “It doesn’t matter who he is, he is my friend”

Gray begins unleashing his power.

Zeref: “can’t you see that it’s useless? If I die, the Natsu will…”

fairy tail

It would be quite the interesting dilemma for Gray, but then he will use Ice Shield o.o

Meaning that he will sacrifice himself so Natsu would live anyway.

But Gray would be erased too for everyone’s memories, thanks to Lost Attribute.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 523 – titled Will Destiny go Up in Flames? – out on February 20

Gray unleashed Lost Attribute and there’s not much that Zeref can do about it.

Gray: this is your end, Zeref!

fairy tail manga

Zeref: Me? I’ll merely be locked in an ice prison

Gray: but you’ll be locked forever!

His idea would be that even if ice melts, there will be peace in Fairy Tail.

Poor Gray, he’s always so obtuse in his resolutions.

But Uru stops him and tells him that such sacrifice is not worth it.

and THANK GOD Natsu appeared in time to beat some sense into him.

Zeref breathes new life.

Natsu: “I’m sure I already stopped you from using that magic”

Natsu is crying.

Natsu: “You know…we’re your friends”


Gray: “but if you defeat Zeref, you will die too”

Zeref: “It is indeed a cruel destiny”

Lucy enters the scene.

Natsu is engulfed in flames with new power flowing into him.


Zeref: “You’re really funny. You’re talking about burning it all. Do you know why I accepted my fate as a cursed human?”

Zeref: “Because, fate is, after all, one option that you have to accept. That’s what fate is.”

We go to Erza and Wendy, walking side by side.

Wendy regrets not being able to do more for their Master, but Erza consoles her.

ACNOLOGIA appears before them, probably having smelled Eileen’s dragon form.

oh boy o.o and he’s out for blood and despair, being always late doesn’t even count here.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 524 – titled Black Future – out on February 27

Poor Erza and Wendy who can’t stop trembling.

But Acnologia doesn’t even recognize their presence as he walks to Eileen’s corpse.

Acnologia: So it was you who brought forth Dragon Slaying power to humans

Acnologia: which means you’re my mother and my sin.

And he starts sadistically beating the shit of the dead corpse.

Erza and Wendy are horrified as he laughs uncontrollably, his laughter echoing all around.

But so, the long awaited Zeref vs Natsu fight begins.

Zeref has the advantage but Natsu lands some hits.

Zeref: “you’re not match against me, now that Igneel’s power has vanished within you”

Natsu: “I’ve got my own power” (in his best Shonen Jump style)

fairy tail manga

But soon they feel the weight of Acnologia’s aura.

Zeref: “while I would love to keep playing with you, for the sake of humanity, you must DIE”

fairy tail manga

We go back to August and Cana, they have felt it too.

August: “we have run out of time”

Acnologia smelled Eileen, but he could have smelled Natsu too.

August justifies Zeref’s means and it’s the reason he keeps fighting for him.

Supposedly Zeref wanted to absorb Fairy Heart’s power to defeat Acnologia, but he already practically stated that this isn’t his true final purpose.

So, what’s the deal, then?

Cana is outraged at August’s words and unleashes Third Great Fairy Magic: Fairy Glitter.

But of course August is unscathed.

fairy tail manga

August: do you love your father?

Cana pulls a tsundere on this one.

August asks Gildarts: “do you love your child? ”

August is amused as the type of relationship that a father and child share.

So he smiles as he decides to kill Cana first.

August: “I wonder what sort of emotions would you feel if you see your daughter die before your own eyes?”

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 525 – titled Why was his Majesty’s Child not Loved? – out on March 6

fairy tail manga

A transition chapter in which apparently Rakheid is randomly killed by Zeref.

Then why such hype and mysticism around him? has Gintama author taken over this manga?

Update March 5:

The cover shows us a classic shojo moment where Lucy and Natsu meet for the first time

Thus it takes us quickly to the battle between Gildarts and August

Gildarts is in full rage mode

Gildart: Even death will be too lukewarm for you!!

Cana: Idiot! Don’t fall so easily for his provocation!

But August twists his fist and slams him into the ground

August (thinking): I’ve seen as parents love their children and children love their parents…

A huge explosion

August: but why was not your son’s child loved?

He’s clearly thinking of Rakheid and suspecting Zeref’s motives.

Cana: Father!!

Gildarts: Don’t get close!!

Cana: I’m not a child anymore!

Cana has another tsundere moment with his father, and his father smiles as he’s being smashed into the ground.

and it’s not like August gives a fuck, anyway

Meanwhile, Rakheid is arriving to the guild, to the site where Natsu and Zeref are fighting

Rakeid: Dad…please wait…because I will protect you

The Natsu vs Zeref fight continues and they’re more even this time, until Mavis interrupts and Gray, Lucy and Happy can hear her.

Mavis: get back to me now, I’m outside the guild

fairy tail manga

Lucy: but…

Mavis: there’s no time, please believe in Natsu and in me

Lucy: Natsu, don’t lose

The fight then continues

Zeref: you know what’s the irony? that if you disappear here, there’s no future for humanity

Natsu: what do you mean?

Zeref: But it’s much more fun now than that, I’m also surprised by my own feelings

Zeref’s eyes become the Rinnegan and Natsu begins feeling heavy.

Rakheid was standing behind Natsu, using his ‘Sleeping’ mantra enchantment

Rakheid: Dad, I got him

Natsu punches himself several times to keep himself awake

Rakheid: Kill him now!

But Zeref has a flashback of when Mavis was giving birth, and she decided to let the boy live

Zeref in anger, stabs Rakheid

Natsu is baffled

Zeref: don’t disturb us

That’s why August keeps wondering: why was not your son’s child loved?

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 526 – titled ‘My Name Precedes Me’ – out on March 13

It looks more and more that Zeref will pull a Madara.

Update March 14: 100% confirmed.

The fight between Cana, Gildarts and August continues

Gildarts is in berserk mode, using All Crush, but August is unfazed

He surprises them from above and beats both Cana and Gildarts with his blasts

August: such a thing between parent and child…

He’s about to stab Cana for the killing but Gildarts receives the fatal blow instead.

Gildarts: “It’s okay, this was a part that Acnologia ate, after all”

Gildarts: “I used to be selfish, but once you got a kid, you think of nothing else”

Gildarts impales himself more with August’s cane

“and that evens means dragging you to death with me”

He keeps going and even Cana calls him by the name of Dad

Cana: “Dad, stop, please!”

August: “Are you serious?”

Gildarts: “That’s what it means to be a father”

Meanwhile, at Fairy Tail guild

Zeref killed his own child, apparently.

fairy tail manga

But then, Mashima-sensei drops this bomb on us.

Zeref: “I have no child”

Zeref: “You were an experiment to create Natsu, the one who came out best was given the name of Dragneel, that’s all”


Poor Rakheid, all this hype to be merely fodder now.

Natsu is astonished at the kind of cruelty he’s seeing.

Zeref: “Let’s continue”

So much for Uncle Natsu, more like Brother Natsu.

Cut again to Gildarts vs August fight.

Gildarts: “I’ve figured out how your magic works”

fairy tail manga

August’s ability is based on copying, then replicating the contrary property of the adversary, but of course, this wouldn’t work with Cana’s card, as their property can’t be replicated.

We have more hilarious tsundere moments between Cana and her father.

August is really amused.

Rakheid (flashbacks): I became Father’s assistant to create a new country.

So that’s it, Mashima-sensei is pulling a full Madara-Kabuto-Orochimaru mode with Zeref, even with a Rinnegan.

Gildarts uses his final attack against August.

It turns out that even August is potentially a clone too with Mavis and Zeref genes.

Talk about a mindfuck.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 527 – titled Emotions – out on March 20

The cover is beautiful, with Lucy on a ‘My Beautiful Genie’ theme.

Rakheid lies on the floor, bleeding.

Rakheid: Father, it hurts…

Zeref: You’re not my son, nor do I have any family. You’re just something that I wrote in a book!

Zeref: Now dissapear from my sight!

It’s not certain whether he killed Rakheid

Natsu enters in a rage

Natsu: how could you do this to your own comrade?!

Zeref: He wasn’t my comrade or my child

But Natsu hits him with everything he has

Natsu: there’s no such thing as a parent that doesn’t care for its own child

Moving to Gildarts and Cana

Gildarts can’t move his left arm anymore

August is far from being done

Being an experimentation from Zeref and Mavis genes, he’s the strongest among the Spriggan 12


He emits a huge blast and people start choking all through Magnolia

Even Mavis feels the spell

Mavis: is this Ancient Magia?? A spell that evaporates blood and melts away the earth

She tries to alert everyone but it seems useless, as she starts coughing up blood.

She looks up to see August

August: His Majesty had one child, born with tremendous power, he could only be defeated by his mother…

August makes eye contact with her, but starts vanishing

People can breathe again

It seems like Gildarts defeated him at a last moment, but definitely what motivated him to surrender was the sight of Mavis, his mother

fairy tail manga

Gildarts: he saw something that made him stop his chanting

A small figure appeared behind her

Boy: mother…

She turns around and it dissapears.

Lucy and Gray arrive and Mavis shows them the book of END, with it, Natsu can defeat Zeref for sure.

Mavis: when the moment comes, the power capable of saving Natsu are you all, his friends

…and until everything is over, don’t let anyone come near the guild

Back to Natsu vs Zeref

Zeref: I did my best effort, but everyone I loved ended up turning up dead

Zeref: things like having a family or finding happiness, just wasn’t meant for me!

Natsu: that’s not what family is!!, as he rushes towards Zeref


Natsu: if you’re going to say that you have no family, then any bond we had is gone, right, big brother?

That’s what’s called an emotion

Zeref: I guess you may have been right, Natsu, or I mean, END

Cut to Mavis rushing

Mavis: I’ve found a way to defeat Zeref!

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 528 – titled Evil Dragon – out on March 27

We finally get back to Wendy, Erza and Acnologia

They’re paralized by fear, as Acnologia keeps laughing

Erza: don’t violate and insult the dead

Acnologia: you have the same scent as that woman, little girl

But then he turns to Wendy

Acnologia: so this little brat has the power of dragons to slay them?

Wendy: this man is…

Erza: Acnologia

He smiles as he launches an attack towards her, only to be deterred by Gerard’s hexagon shield

Then Gerard pulls the 6 meteors attack, and then the 7 Judgment Stars, the Grand Chariot

But Acnologia is amused as he eats the 7 stars

Wendy asks Elsa: what attribute does he have?

But Acnologia himself responds: I don’t have an attribute, I’m the last dragon who eats all magic

fairy tail manga

Then goes full form: I’m the evil dragon Acnologia!

Jellal and Erza are trembling, this isn’t even the form that they confronted at Tenroujima

Wendy: I have to do this, I’m a dragon slayer

She begins pulling her own form of magic

but Erza and Jellal stop her

and the Pegasus ship arrives, Christina rescued everyone onboard

Christina: Hurry! We must drive him out of Magnolia, we’ll draw his attention away with the ship!

Christina: if we lure him out to a certain place, we might even win!

Erza, Jellal and Wendy: WHAT???

fairy tail manga

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 529 – titled Teacher – out on April 3

For some reason, the cover had Gray and Lucy trying to pull a Kamehameha

Erza doesn’t recognize the person that is in charge of the ship, as they run away from Acnologia

We’ve got interesting Erza/Jellal moments.

She comments how the ship’s construction was made with a Dragon Slayer in mind.

Erza is puzzled that the person in charge of this ship knows Wendy and has the Guild tattoo.

Acnologia in full Dragon mode pursues the ship, but the Captain fires the Jupiter canon.

Acnologia swallows it as if nothing.

You know, I think Acnologia = Yhwach at this point.

They keep firing ammo, but it’s useless.

They increase the speed at Pegasus speed to run away.

It seems they finally escaped and the Captain asks them:

“So, you don’t remember me?”

It’s none other than Anna Heartfilia.

Wendy is crying.

Anna: you truly have grown.

fairy tail manga

So she used Eclipse o.o and she was the teacher that taught everyone to read 400 years ago.

Cut to Lucy and Gray, Lucy is crying as she holds the E.N.D Book

Lucy: he’s just a boy… (cries)

Lucy: why?, she wonders.

Gray can’t believe it either

Cut to the battle between Natsu and Zeref



Cut to the ship and Anna Heartfilia

Anna: 400 years ago, there was no way to beat Acnologia. Thhat’s why the Dragons entrusted their hopes to the future.

Anna: a future, where they’d enter the bodies of Dragon Slayers, and indeed this era is oevrflowing with magic

She reveals that it was Zeref who built the gates of ‘time’ and the she opened them, but why would he be more interested in the future, rather than the past?

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 530 – titled Eclipse – out on April 10

Yes, I know that I’ve been delayed, but trust me now that I’ve found a definite method to post regularly despite the demands of my daily job.

The cover is somewhat dramatic, with a Natsu vs Gajeel fight, promoting the new DS game.

Lucy has some flashbacks of seeing shooting stars, which takes it to a point in the story that Anna Heartfilia visits Thomas and Layla through Eclipse

Anna: what about the kids?

Thomas: they flew away pretty quickly


Anna keeps talking with Layla and it turns out too that she wrote the Book that allows to open the gate with the 12 Keys, which is passed down from generation to generation in the Heartfilia family.

The idea is that each times she makes an entry in the book, it allows her to enter that era that she wants. Almost like Back to Future, just that the Delorean is a book.

They’re all looking forward to that era of great magical power, 400 years in the future, but each descendant of the Heartfilia family needs to carry on with the tradition of making entries.

But Layla Heartfilia wants to end it with her, as she doesn’t want Lucy involved with such heavy burden. They want to beat Acnologia on their own so the future generations can live in peace.

Anna: Thank you, Layla.

Anna: I must go… it is necessary to find five children for the planning.

Back to the present, it turns that she was explaining this to Erza, Wendy, Jellal, et al.

Anna: but when I went back, she died a few years later of our encounter.

Erza: what is this power you speak of?

Anna: It’s neither light or darkness, it’s floating in time, it’s powerless at the same time

Anna: it is something that is not found in this era

But it seems like Acnologia reached the ship so it shakes.

Anna: if we put Acnologia in that interval of time he will never come out again

Everyone is scared of the concept

Meanwhile, back to Lucy holding the Book of END, and even Happy is serious.

Gray: why don’t you open the book?

Lucy (sweats): yes…

The fight between Natsu and Zeref continues in a few panels very Ichigo vs Ulquiorra style

And this time, Zeref apparently reveals his final intentions, as he hits Natsu with a blast that makes him pop out all of his veins

He wants to use Eclipse to destroy time, redo the past and the future.

Zeref: I will return to myself before becoming vulnerable

Natsu: this is your true purpose?

Zeref: everybody wins! Humans are saved, Acnologia is killed, it would be a happy ending for everyone!

Natsu: what happens to us is what makes us

Zeref: then it wouldn’t be my world anymore

Zeref: there are two keys to Neo Eclipse, one would be Mavis and the other is that space between times

fairy tail manga

Humanity’s hope in the hands of Zeref? More like Mashima-sensei’s Madara

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 531 – titled Pegasus vs Acnologia – out on April 17

It’s pretty obvious and anticlimatic at this point

The idea of the Pegasus ship is to lure Acnologia into the Ravines of Time and leave him trapped

Nobody remotely remembers Anna, only Wendy managed to do so.

Anna: it’s the price you paid for going through Eclipse at such a young age.

But she says that they will all remember in their due time

Jellal and Erza wonder whether they could trust an stranger, but Erza has the gut feeling to do so, otherwise they won’t be able to anything.

They reach the right coordinates, Hibiki never fails in his calculations

They pass successfully and Acnologia follows

Except that it doesn’t affect him at all

Acnologia begins biting the ship

fairy tail manga

However, Anna begins to notice something strange, as the Ravines changed shape, and they can’t be visually seen anymore
Erza: what’s wrong?
Anna: … The Ravines of Time…are closed

cut to the fight between Natsu and Zeref

Zeref: I’m the one who found the Ravines of time

Zeref: all that time magic is mine, so I sealed it off, that is, until I finish Neo Eclipse

He wants to create a new time continuity where nobody suffers and he is of course, not inmortal.

Cut to the ship chase

Erza tells Ichiya to break the lacrima layer that allows Acnologia to get attached, as he used to be a Dragon Slayer too.

They manage to do so and speed up, leaving Acnologia behind

Anna: we’re going to rip open the Ravines of Time and defeat Acnologia, no matter what it takes!

Cut to Lucy and Gray

Lucy opens the book of E.N.D and incredible magic unleashes in the forms of characters that travel along and go to Natsu

Natsu began a dragonification process and it’s practically another Acnologia against Zeref

But Mavis appears on the scene

Mavis: I’m going to stop you

Zeref: my preparations for Neo Eclipse are finally complete

But Natsu interrupts:

Natsu: get away, First

Natsu: I just got all fired up

With a very similar look to Acnologia

Even Zeref is amused with Natsu’s transformation.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 532 – titled I can’t see love – out on April 22

The cover celebrates the upcoming movie with a special double issue and full color pages

We are treated to an impressive flashback between Mavis and Zeref, both skinny dipping and hugging in a river

Then we see Lucy and Natsu and Erza and Jellal

The theme is ‘This is what we call love’, ‘Something that makes us stronger and eternally inmmutable’

But cut to Lucy and Gray, they are knocked out due to the force of having opened the book of END, but soon they wake up.

Gray: what happened?

Lucy: Maybe this book and Natsu and connected by an advanced life bonding magic

Lucy: if only we could rewrite it…

Gray: what do you mean??

Lucy: maybe that’s the way to save Natsu, we have to find some part that we can use

Cut to the Zeref/Natsu fight

Zeref is acquiring his final form

Natsu: I have no other choice but to destroy you

Zeref: destroy…me?

Zeref: you can’t do that because I can’t either

Yes, Zeref is pulling an Aizen at this point by having absorbed the Hogyoku, I mean Mavis’ Fairy Heart

A dragonified Natsu launches his attack

The attack is 100x enhanced and of course destroyed the guild o.o

But Natsu is definitely an idiot if he thinks he defeated Zeref with a single punch, does he think he is Saitama?

Zeref: time and space are now mine, it’s an infinite power, it’s the ‘magic’ that overcomes all magic.

Zeref: a power to end this world

He says as he stabs Natsu with his fist

Zeref: and one more thing… you don’t need to apologize to Makarov, he’s already dead

An agonizing Natsu begins to cry

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 533 – titled Zeref, the White Mage – out on April 22

This chapter should practically have been titled Zeref = Aizen, yea we get the message