Fairy Tail anime and manga gift buying guide 2016-2017

Fairy Tail latest Blu-Ray, Volume and Item releases 2016

This year has been great for this series so far, the manga it’s at its peak celebrating its 10 year anniversary, which is a guarantee of great goodies coming up!

Whether you have a friend, relative or partner that loves this series, or if you’re looking for the hottest releases and items, you won’t miss a thing here!

On 2016 the anime ended with the Fairy Tail Zero saga and there’s no info yet on when it will return. I’m guessing for an October 2017 date, since the same happened with Attack on Titan and other series that got delayed.

The new Fairy Tail movie, titled ‘Dragon Cry’, will premiere on April.

However, there was a highly successful stage adaptation in May 2016 and the manga spin-offs released through the Kodansha app.

The latest manga chapters have been the most exciting point of the story and somehow hint to a possible end, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Fairy Tail latest Manga releases 2016

 Fairy Tail volume 57

The last release of the year, released on November 29th
 Volume 57

Covering the chapters  from 483 to 491, featuring the infamous countdown pattern, leading to the reappearance of Acnologia and Irene’s magic.

Fairy Tail Volume 56

Released on September 27
Volume 56

From chapters 474 to 482, the introduction of Dimaria and her power vs the Sky Sisters.

Despite the Spriggan 12 being reduced to eight, both sides remain unertain of victory. In Halgeon, the Warrior Queen Di Maria has trapped the Sky Sisters in a tricky situation. Meanwhile, back at Fairy Tail, members start disappearing at the hands of Jacob the Assassin, but Natsu is still fast asleep! The decisive battle for Magnolia remains perilous…the waves of formidable enemies keep coming, but the wizards of Fiore are ready to fight

Fairy Tail Volume 55

Released on August 9

Volume 55

From chapters 465 to 473, the connection between Lucy and Brandish, the reappearance of Aquarius and Laxus vs. Wahl battle.

Fate has led Natsu into a one-on-one showdown with Zeref! The Black Wizard finally begins to unravel the truth behind his plans with Natsu at the center. Shocked beyond belief, Natsu almost loses it…Meanwhile, Magnolia is submerged in chaos. In the South, the combined forces of Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel are desperately toughing it out, while in the North, the allied forces of Saber Tooth and Blue Pegasus struggle to stand their ground. As the Wizard Sants gather in the East, a surprise guest swoops into the war between Zeref and Fairy Tail…How will the tides turn in this final battle?!

Fairy Tail Volume 54

Released on June 21

Volume 54

Zeref’s 12 handpicked elites invade Magnolia from all four sides! First, Ajeel swoops in from the skies with a massive fleet in tow, only to be interrupted by Erza. The Desert King lives up to his title, and before long, Erza is swallowed up in darkness and despair by his overwhelming magic power. Meanwhile, back on land, Brandish makes an appearance in Lucy’s bathtub and an unimaginable turn of fate awaits them… In the face of such an unprecedented crisis, all of Fiore’s guilds are spurred to action!

Fairy Tail volume 53

Released on April 12
Volume 53

Makarov, Natsu, and the group return bearing news of the impending invasion by Zeref and the Alvarez Empire. With Fairy Tail back together, everyone’s hearts beat as one in their resolve to fight! Then, the ghost of Mavis appears, recounting the guilt and power behind Fairy Heart, the lacrima crystal that holds her preserved body. Her tale begins over a hundred years ago, when two desperate individuals, bound by a curse, brought forth an unthinkable sin…

Fairy Tail volume 52

Released on February 23, 2016

Volume 52

After Fairy Tail’s revival, Natsu and his friends learn the reason behind the guild’s disbandment and Makarov’s disappearance. In order to protect this beloved family of his, Makarov had set out on a journey to the Albareth Empire, where mighty magical forces rule and where he vanished without a trace. Now, Erza must call together a group of special wizards for a secret mission­ to rescue Makarov! However, their path is blocked by the Twelve Shields guarding its emperor: A terrifying unit of super-powered wizards called Spriggan 12. What’s more, in the heart of it all lays Fairy Tail’s most hidden secret…!

Fairy Tail volume 51

Volume 51

The black magic cult Avatar’s plans to summon Zeref are well underway, but their Operation Purify will cost countless lives. To stop them, Gray joins forces with Erza and infiltrates Avatar, while Zeref the Black Wizard reveals another piece of his shocking past. Finally, after a year of being apart, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza return as Fairy Tail’s strongest team! Can their bravery and bonds of friendship stand against Avatar?!

This was released on December 15th, 2015 and covers from Chapters 430 to 438

Fairy Tail latest Blu-ray releases

The year began slow for the BD/DVD combos, but they’re quickly catching up

Could BD/DVD sales worldwide be influencing the return of the anime?

Fairy Tail part 20

Fairy Tail: Part 20 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

I even feel nostalgic with the anime being so far in relation to what’s happening in the manga.

After winning big at the Grand Magic Games and rebuilding their destroyed guild, Fairy Tail’s clients come swarming back with plenty of work for the rowdiest wizards in Fiore. When a prestigious client requests the assistance of Natsu and Gray, the boys rally their team and head into Sun Village. Along the way new enemies and a few familiar foes are lying in wait. As things begin to spiral out of control, a wicked force rises and threatens to throw the magical world into darkness.

Fairy Tail Part 21

Fairy Tail: Part Twenty One [Blu-ray]

“On the demon’s playground, anything can happen.

With the devastating Face weapon active, the battle against Tartaros seems desperate.  The wizards of Fairy Tail must face down the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros to stop the mass magic purge, or they will all become powerless. As the clock ticks down, what sacrifices will be made to protect the magic across the land? Will it even be enough?

Natsu and his friends will have to use everything they’ve got if they want to prevent E.N.D.’s revival. But when each member is up against a different foe, things aren’t looking good for our heroes. In this battle against demons, anything goes; including their ability to…resurrect?! And as if demons weren’t enough, familiar foes join the battle with demonic powers that make them stronger than before.

When the battle turns in Tartaros’ favor, can Lucy summon the strength to call on the most powerful celestial spirit—the Celestial Spirit King?!”

Fairy Tail Part 22

 Fairy Tail Part 22 [Blu-Ray]
Due to be released on December 6th, with the badass cover to end the year.

“With the battle of Tartaros still raging on, the wizards of Fairy Tail may have finally met their match. The threat of three thousand Faces hangs over them, and the power of the Demon Gates takes their breath away when they reveal their true Etherious Forms. Right when things begin to look up, an even bigger threat appears—Acnologia! Beaten and exhausted, can the wizards find the strength to take on Tartaros and this monstrous dragon? When the fire inside Natsu erupts, he will have a startling and unexpected reunion. But the time for catching up and seeking answers will have to wait—E.N.D. and the ready-to-detonate Faces are moments from destroying the magical world as they know it! The final battle for the magical world happens now!”