Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide November 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga news November 2016

Still no info on when the anime is coming back except for a very vague 2017. Wow.

The only news is that X-Plus store has released again the Lucy and Yukino Special Christmas figures.

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And Mashima-sensei has been releasing very interesting drawings on his Twitter account:

fairy tail manga

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 509 – out on November 7th – titled ‘Kagura vs Rakheid’

Sorry everyone, I wasn’t able to make it this week with the spoilers due to a big project that I needed to finish for my daily job.

So I’ll provide a brief synopsis here and soon the spoilers for next chapter.

Indeed the cover is that very fine line between ecchi and hentai. Mashima-sensei likes to play ‘risqué’ lately o.o

fairy tail manga

As expected, August beats the shit out of poor Jellal.

He questions him on why he turned in favor of Fairy Tail guild, abandoning his Majesty’s side.

Jellal: “..I was finally able to obtain the light which illuminates my darkness”

In his mind there’s nothing but Erza.

August leaves him: “there’s nothing in this world, there’s is no light or darkness, or anything…”

Cut to Kagura and Rakheid.

Rakheid states that he IS Zeref’s son o.o the revelation of this week.

So he is Natsu’s nephew o.o

Everyone is shocked. Somewhere else Uncle Natsu sneezes and suddenly discovers some gray hairs.

Rakheid starts throwing blades of light but Kagura has her badass moment cutting through them and through the entire mountain!

fairy tail manga

But those ‘blades of light’, were actually tentacles, and he uses his ‘pleasures’ on her.

While Kagura is supposed to feel a great deal of pleasure while the tentacles actually pierce through her body through death, she bites her own tongue to clear the illusion and cut the tentacles away, shocking Rakheid.

When she’s about to cut him with her judgment blade, he stops it with his bare hands.

She keeps attacking and attacking, but she gets slashed with one of Rakheid motions.

fairy tail manga

He’s about to finish her with ‘pure pleasure’. Yukino screams in pain.

Cut to August, ‘this child can only be defeated…at the hands of his mother’

fairy tail manga 509

The other great revelation of this manga.

Zeref/Mavis shippers had a BBQ party this week.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 510 – out on November 14th – titled Natsu’s heart

What is Alvarez Empire ultimate intention, frankly?

Update November 13th: the family themes continue with cute little Natsu

Natsu has a Inner Ichigo moment, he meets with Zeref, he tries to hit him, but it’s useless

Zeref: “Let me show you your memories before you woke on the year x777”

Natsu finally sees his parents. They were a family living quietly in the village.

Until one day, a Kyuubi a Dragon appeared and killed his parents, destroying the village.

Zeref: I lost you all, but I could save you

We see cute little Natsu in a tube of liquid

So Zeref was the one who delivered Natsu in the care of Igneel?

Then young Natsu met Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue

Speaking of Sting, the scene is cut to his side, as Rakheid is about to finish Yukino, who is wet all over (again, that fine line between ecchi and hentai)

Sting kicks and knockouts the shit out of him.

Rakheid uses his pleasure magic but it’s not of much use against Sting.

Sting: why do you have the same smell as Natsu?

oh boy o.o

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 511 – out on November 21th – Hungry Hell

It seems more like an exposition chapter, nothing is further explained on the events of the previous chapter, as usual.

We are left hanging, just like Eileen/Erza situation.

The cover ironically has a covered up Minerva.

“Time is a sense of distance between two people”

But the Sting vs Rhakeid fight continues. Sting inevitably learns the truth about Natsu too, through ‘smell’.

However, he points out that Natsu and Zeref actually smell different, despite being relatives.

“Brothers and parents tend to smell different, yet the same”

Sting: “In a way, Natsu is also like Zeref’s child”

This infuriates Rakheid, who throws a tentacle to Sting.

But this is nothing for him.

Sting beats Rakheid.

But Rhakeid uses his ‘Hungry Hell’ technique and Sting is starving desperately, until Rakheid stabs him with the cross.

Sting starts seeing everyone as food, he bites Rector, Rector bites Yukino, Yukino bites Kagura, until they go crazy with hunger and trying to devour each other.

But Sting manages to break up the illusion, or at least, controlling it a bit, and Rakheid has to pull out his sword.

Rakheid: what you going to do with that hunger?

Sting: Eat you!

But he is stabbed in the chest.

Rakheid: I don’t want to end Fairy Tail, but I want to stop it.

Sting: Fairy Tail is the guild that changed us! That’s why I’m doing it! For Natsu! For everyone!

He pulls out the sword from his chest, bleeding to death.

But Rogue appears to aid in battle.

Rogue: Eat me! I don’t have much power left!

Rakheid: Don’t worry, soon everyone will be free from the restraints of their ego.

I bet Mashima-sensei favorite Saint Seiya character was Virgo no Shaka, this guy is just too similar.

Fairy Tail manga spoilers chapter 512 – out on November 18th – titled the ‘Rising White Dragon’

The Sting vs Rakheid battle continues and so is Mashima-sensei’s love letter to Masami Kurumada from Saint Seiya.

Despite Sting holding his own easily, Rakheid has one last card.

“No one can escape its own desires”

Apparently not even Acnologia can deny this.

“Sleep in Peace, R.I.P”

Rogue was apparently at a disadvantage since Rakheid can absorb her power and Sting’s, but if he goes to the shadow they’re immune to Rakheid’s spell, thus helping Sting.

Kagura, Sting and Rogue’s combined attack hits Rakheid, leaving him with no more options, apparently.

Back to Natsu’s.

Natsu’s unconscious, he has hypothermia.

Porlyusica: “Lucy, take off your clothes, quick!”

o.o right, because Lucy is always so densely clothed

Lucy complies anyway.

Porlyusica: “the best thing for these situations is to warm the body with another”

Inside Natsu’s inner hollow, inner heart

We get another interesting revelation here, as he sees Rogue and a scene of Anna Heartfilia knitting a muffler for him made of Igneel’s scales.

They look white because they fell from his body, thus they’re able to be touched by humans.

Still, Natsu curses in his state: “Zeref, I’ll kill you…”

Happy: Stop that! If he dies, you die with him!

See you next month as revelations continue!