Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide October 2016 + news

Fairy Tail anime and manga news for October 2016

fairy tail manga

Again, studio execs and the publisher are silent over when the anime will return. I think they will pull a ‘Naruto’ in that sense.

Meaning that they will await to how people react to certain key points in the manga, then proceed.

Could this be a sign of the manga nearing its end?

Meanwhile, the Laxus Dreyar Spinoff in the Fairy Tail Gaiden distributed in the Kodansha Magazine Pocket app is actually the last in the series.

On great news, GameSamba has opened its beta sign-up stage for their game Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey. It will be 100% playable through your browser.

You can register there now, or stay tuned to the latest developments on their website.

Well, let’s simply get to the good part…

Fairy Tail manga spoilers 504 – titled ‘Crack’ out on October 3

Gray confronts Natsu

“so…are you really END?”

Natsu: “I came here to kill Zeref, don’t get in my way!”

The proverbial cat is out of the bag now.

Meanwhile, Brandish is alive and recovery and Lucy is okay too.

Lucy and Happy go after Natsu.

Back to the battle, Natsu is shocked by the power emerging from his left arm, to a point he can’t control it anymore.

He has a flashback to when he knocked out Dimaria, he was crying seeing Lucy topless and her face covered in blood, and it was indeed the power of END emerging from his eyes.

Back to the fight, Gray is trying to contain Natsu, but his effort is worthless.

In the guild’s battle, Elsa is fully recovered and charges ahead, but they see Irene’s huge eyes in the sky looking for Mavis.

Irene: “No one can be hidden from my sight, not even you, Mavis”

But then everyone sees a giant Mavis.

Mavis: “I’m not hiding”

With more resolve than ever,



Fairy Tail manga spoilers 505  – Trump Card – out on October 10

But seriously, this chapter could reveal more on Dimaria’s true power.

Update October 9: 

The cover shows us the nostalgia of a calm era, with Natsu and co. talking  and laughing.

fairy tail manga

While it initially seemed like a exposition chapter, we see Makarov’s true power!

The battle on Erza’s front continues, Irene uses her magic to wipe away and entire troop by strenghtening Zeref’s soldiers.

Irene: Berserker!

The soldiers go out at their maximum.

Erza is hurt in one shoulder, while everyone is at the brink of biting the dust.

This is where Makarov steps in with his Fairy Law.

Mavis: “Dont’ do it!”

But Makarov knows there is no other alternative.

Erza: “You don’t have to sacrifice yourself, Master!”

A huge light startles Irene and August, it even interrupts the Natsu vs Gray fight.


Everyone cries.

But do you really think he’s dead?


Fairy Tail manga spoilers 506 – the Broken Bonds – out on October 17

The title says it all, the continuation of Natsu vs Gray fight!

Natsu probably learns about the situation with Makarov and that pushes him over the edge.

Update October 15: and indeed it does!

fairy tail manga spoilers 506

Quite an epic moment that can only resemble when Rin Okumura pulled out that blue flamed sword in Blue Exorcist!

The cover has Erza in a sad, pensive pose. Hopefully there will be something soon about that supposedly crazy spoiler a long ago.

Apparently, Makarov has really died, almost calcinated in that pose that he used.

Erza is in despair, kneeling in front of him .

Back to Eileen (Irene), she ponders how Makarov’s attack wiped out 70-80% of the army. They’re in big trouble here.

The fight between Natsu and Gray continues, but they’re stopped by Erza, whose right hand is burning and her left is freezing.

Natsu (almost in END mode): “Erza…”

Gray: “….these tears?”

Fairy Tail manga spoilers 507 – titled “A Voice”- out on October 24

Update October 23: The cover has Happy as the theme of an amusement park.

A contrast with the following scenes:

Elsa embraces both Gray and Natsu, who, well, see it for yourself:

fairy tail manga
enjoy your moment, gentlemen

Erza: “I love you guys from the bottom of my heart”

Then both Natsu and Gray recall Makarov’s words: “It’s normal that you children confront each other honestly, after all our Guild is a family”

Lucy Wendy and Juvia arrive, Natsu and Gray fall to the floor, exhausted.

Lucy embraces Natsu, who got out of the END mode and Juvia embraces Gray

Natsu is glad to see Lucy alive.

Juvia begins to heal Gray’s arm.

Wendy asks for Erza, then Eileen (Irene) appears before Erza!

Lucy: Erza, do you know her?

Wendy noticed their similarities.

She’s bent on taking Natsu away.

August is on his final form, about to fight with Gerard.

Eileen (Irene): “I am you and you are me”

fairy tail manga

Erza is at a loss of words.



Fairy Tail manga spoilers 508 – Pleasure and Pain- out on October 31

Maybe more insight on Erza’s and Eileens connection.

Let’s await for more insanity!

Update October 30: I have waited till last moment to interpret the full data:

The cover has Lucy in a wet tshirt, a subtle NaLu with Natsu sticking out his tongue in a certain direction.

It reads “the festival of 500+ episodes will continue”

Meaning that we will get more teasing by Mashima-sensei, maybe he changed his mind on ending the manga soon?

This seemed more like an exposition episode, showing Minerva and Rogue completely depleted

Wahl and Bradman are knocked out by the effect of Makarov’s magic o.o it literally reduced them to a pulp.

Yukino and Frosch can’t believe it either, the enemy is gone.

Until they see Rakheid pulling a Virgo no Shaka from Saint Seiya!!

Yukino: That it’s one of the 12! I saw him in the north front!

Can he really revert Fairy Law??

fairy tail manga spoilers 508fairy tail manga spoilers 508

Even August is surprised, “his magic is such that he induces extreme pleasure until the agony of death”

When Rakheid is about to attack Yukino, Kagura steps in!

See you next month!

Next chapter is titled Kagura vs Rakheid!