Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide September 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga release guide and news

While the long-awaited and hyped chapter 500 is here, as part of the manga’s 10th anniversary, the news on the new anime season and upcoming movie are completely stalled.

Fairy Tail spoilers chapter 500 – titled ‘Burn 500 times’ – to be out tomorrow September 5

The color spread page is superb as always


You can find October’s guide here for the most current spoilers.

Well, a certain prediction that spawned from years and years of fan theories finally comes true.

Inver tells Gray that Natsu is E.N.D and that he IS the enemy.

It feels anticlimatic, sure, but I’m sure Mashima will give it some great twists.

Brandish tells Natsu and co that while she won’t betray Alvarez, she won’t kill them, and that she will take them to Zeref.

Her always priceless expressions tells you something else.

From afar, DiMaria notices this and clicks her teeth in a flash of anger.

But a revived Neinhart interrupts the scene and attacks Natsu and Lucy with his whirlwind technique.

From the latest info I’ve received JUVIA is alive, thank God, being saved by Wendy.

In other brief scenes, Ajiru, Bradman, Wahl and Jacob are beating the shit out of everyone.

Brandish: “you don’t know the true horror of the Spriggan 12”

Natsu as he punches Neinhart: “you don’t know until you try!”

Fairy Tail spoilers chapter 501 – titled ‘Mari and Randy’ – to be out on September 12

This is probably about their backstory, but more ground-breaking events will take place.

Update September 9: Yes, such as Dimaria slashing Brandish, taking her by surprise.

fairy tail manga spoilers

Then Dimaria starts beating Lucy up and targeting poor Happy, her killing intent darker than ever.

Dimaria: you ARE the ones that ruined my Randy

fairy tail manga spoilers

Dimaria: “Don’t think I’ll let you die that easily, bitch”, she says as she beats Lucy to a pulp.

But Lucy is not defenseless like she’s usually portrayed and summons Scorpio, thus we see a new suit:

fairy tail manga spoilers

Rumor has it that Natsu and Lucy meet Zeref, and the latter mistakes her for Anna or Layla.

Fairy Tail spoilers chapter 502 – titled ‘Mavis and Zera’ – to be out on September 18

Yes, this is the beginning of a recurring theme of pairs, which means more exposition.

Update September 18: I’ll provide a synopsis since it came out quick this week

This is pivotal moment for Natsu and NaLu, too, following Gray/Juvia’s theme of sacrifice.

Natsu appears on the cover this time: “from boy to adult, a heart life-changing trip!”

We begin with Irene separating the Fairy Heart from Mavis body.

Zeref watches the scene, and he hesitates.

He stops Irene and asks her to wait 3 minutes, because he wants to have a conversation with Mavis.

Irene is surprised.

The Zeref before her vanished and it’s an illusion created by Mavis even in her state of absolute mind-control.

The Real Zeref warns her to not damage her body

Irene obeys, feeling humilliated by being deceived so candidly.

Meanwhile, in the battlefron, Gajeel is as badass as always.

And of course, the pairs theme continues with Gajeel and Levy.

Zera reappears, but she’s transparent, meaning that Mavis has begun to regain consciousness.

Which probably also means that she’s not under total mind control, since her actual final consciousness is projected elsewhere.

Eventually she reconnects again with Zera!

Mavis: You and I, are one together once again, you’ll live on, together forever with me.

This strengthens Mavis’s resolution to take back the guild.

However, cut to Dimaria’s.

Lucy, despite her best efforts, is beaten to a pulp and tied to a chair.

Natsu is in the same situation.

Dimaria: you killed my Randi, what kind of torturous hell shall I send you to make you pay?

Talk about sadistically deluded.

But Polryousica finds Brandish bleeding, she can barely speak

Polryousica: that tumor you shrank wasn’t anti-ethernano!


Dimaria is about to behead Natsu

Oh boy, here comes the real Rakheid/Acnologia/END connection!

Fairy Tail spoilers chapter 503 – titled ‘The Last Sight to Behold’ – to be out on September 25 (if not before)

I don’t think Mashima-sensei will rush to give us the revelations we’ve been seeking for so long, but who knows?

Update September 21: supposedly this is the chapter in which Natsu will unleash his E.N.D power to protect Lucy.

In other words, go full ‘Kyuubi’ mode.

Sounds cliche, sure.

There will be a special event on September 28, it’s still not defined what it will be yet. News on the anime, maybe?

Update September 24:

The nastiness continues as Dimaria attempts to claw Lucy’s eyes out.

Not only that, but she takes away Lucy’s top, humilliating her. But you know how this ecchi manga is.

However, there are strange blackout moments in which Dimaria lies on the floor and Lucy’s eyes are intact, despite having her face covered with blood.


Dimaria.friggin.beaten to a pulp.

And that is just an inkling of the insane power lying in Natsu!

fairy tail spoilers 503

Natsu is looking out for Zeref and he encounters Gray!

The tumor is the secret behind E.N.D., which will be surely revealed next chapter.

In other good news, Brandish is still alive and kicking, trying to restrain a still beaten Dimaria in shock.

You can find the spoilers for chapter 504 here, in October 2016 guide, see you there!







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