Discovering Boys Love: Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai manga review and spoilers

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai Manga Review

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Welcome once more to the Nyaa! Romantsu! Section!

If you haven’t read this jewel of a yaoi manga, it’s time you do, since it’s in its final volumes.

Even if you’re familiar with the works of Yoneda Kou (NightS), the first chapter of what apparently was a series of experimental one shots in 2011 (Don’t Stay Gold, Tadayoedo Shizumazu, Saredo Naki mo Sezu) published on HertZ magazine about a very damaged and broken, vulnerable young boy like Yashiro, will suck you into his world of lust and despair, sex addicted horny neko uke delight and misery.

All going together, dancing madly.

Because Yashiro is not your regular tsundere uke.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai


Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai backstory synopsis

If you’re not familiar with the world of yakuza in manga fiction, this is one way to crudely start.

The world of yakuza is, of course, overly simplified in manga, but we can generally know that it is actually the biggest organized crime organization in the world.

And this often fluctuates, because yakuza organizations often live off legal and illegal activities. In this sense, it is the perfect ‘gray’ organization.

In real life, there are mainly three factions: the Yamaguchi-gumi, the Sumiyoshi-kai and the Inagawa-kai.

In the manga, Yashiro enrolls in a group (Shinsei) under the Doushinkai, that for its structure and care-free way of doing things, seems inspired more like the second group, with a decentralized organization, instead of the Yamaguchi-gumi and its rigid structure.

Though I started reading the manga when it had the proper name of Saezuru, Yashiro’s story starts wayy back with the above mentioned one shots that had been included as part of volume 1.

The only thing that Yashiro has known all throughout his life is tragedy after tragedy.

A disfunctional home, his step-father sexually abused him constantly since he was barely 5 years old.

His mother abandoned home, only leaving him with a monthly allowance, always saying nothing.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai
in the original work by Yoneda Kou, the key to knowing Yashiro’s last name might be here, it starts with ‘Ro’, or it could be that it starts with ‘R’ and ends with ‘O’, or it’s simply a wordplay on his first name.

For years, Yashiro stared at an empty table with that money.

And nothing else.

His High School years passed by, he was smart but didn’t feel motivated to study, he was rather interested in the perverse.

Feeling tied, feeling pain, mind-blowing sex from any position.

He was initially interested in girls, but the first time he had sex with one it was so rough and horrible that the girl couldn’t stop crying.

Only men could give him what he wanted.

His only crush, a fellow brilliant pupil named Kageyama, secretly shared his paraphilias for scars and self-induced pain. But nothing else.

By this time, Yashiro developed a fascinating but disturbing personality. He certainly knew he was attractive. And that he could get he what he wanted.

He could be an ‘actor’ in this sense. And what role to play?

That’s how the real descent began. Going to love hotels to be banged and gangbanged by yakuza bosses, underlings, everyone, nobody could believe it: what was it about this guy?

Does he have any self-preservation? Dignity?

They could project all their hate, anger and internalized homophobia on him.

And he would just take it.

And actually beg for more.

Yashiro eventually meets Misumi, the boss of the Doushinkai, who finds him stark naked in the snow after being delightfully gangbanged by  the Matsubara group and owing 6 months of rent.

Misumi is curious, what is it about this child?

Turns out Yashiro discovers how this world is all about money and begins working for Misumi on a lease.

Expensive clothes, expensive appartment, cars, anything he wanted. He was actually talented with money too, shark loans, extorsions and the like.

But that didn’t satiate his thirst.

Eventually going up the ladder of power, he eventually becomes the Wakagashira (second in command) of the Doushinkai, but this obviously rubs some people the wrong way, namely his former superiors that were tired and fascinated of abusing him over and over again.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai

As you see, this review has been all about profiling Yashiro, but the REAL STORY begins here.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai 1

When he meets his new bodyguard, Doumeki Chikara.

Doumeki seems to him like a doofus, but he’s tall, strong-shouldered. Has this deep, penetrating eyes.

In a way, Yashiro has matured and calmed down a bit, he’s just resigned to his destiny.

“…Life is just one tragedy after the other…” is the pervading thought in his mind.

But then he wants to blow Doumeki.

Doumeki calmly gives in.

But to Yashiro’s amusement, Doumeki is impotent. Loyal, efficient, but impotent.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai

Yashiro takes this as a challenge, their chemistry goes back and forth in the middle of a plot to assassinate him.

Doumeki is an ex-cop who was discharged and sent into prison because he beat his father to a pulp. His father was raping his little sister.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai
Yashiro inevitably needed to exploit that policeman fetish :3

Thus it’s the beginning of Yashiro and Doumeki’s connection. From here I won’t spoil more since it’s definitely better that you discover this story and its complexities, as frankly I just wanted to give you a main idea.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai

Below you will find spoilers.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai manga character datasheet

Theme: Yakuza, Masochist, Sadist, Police, Ex-Police, Pedo, Psychological, Dark Comedy

Uke: ultra-horny, colorful, neko, seductive, grandiose, debonair, blonde, masochist, suave

Seme: ultimate-seme, broad shoulders, rough, hard on the edges, hard boiled, gentle, simple, kind, reluctant sadist, ex-cop

Romance story: love at first sight, psychological, profound

The situation of Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai manga licensing in the US

Incredibly enough and in contrast with how Ten Count manga is having so much success, the licensing situation leaves a lot to be desired.

Initially licensed by SubLime that took forever in pulling volumes 1 and 2, and now Juné manga, the main issue seems how to market  such a ‘risqué’ and dark story in the US, full of sexual violence themes.

Even so, the manga is having great success in countries like Spain, Germany, Italy and France, in which publishing houses have a more ‘artisan’ mindset and know that there IS demand for such great stories.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Spoilers chapter 23 – Out on September 30 -October 4

Initial Speculation for Saezuru 23

A turning point that marks how will this manga end.

There’s quite some expectations and hype.

It looks like they’ll finally go the full way, but what will this mean for Doumeki?

The eternal question: will Yashiro fire him?

As of today, I haven’t got any data, but when THAT day hits:

saezuru spoilers 23

Right now, my speculation is this:

For some reason, I’m suspecting that Doumeki has been an undercover cop all along, due to his prowess and training. I don’t know but he wasn’t some ordinary cop.

But he just has the right doses of bad luck.

By falling in love with the Boss.

It would be quite the twist if this turns out to be true, isn’t it?

Could he really pull Yashiro out of that world, when Misumi wants him to become his successor?

Once a cop, always a cop, as he has demonstrated by his ultimate seme behaviour.

Or could he be working for another agency? Interpol, perhaps?

I think that such a twist would complicate the story too much, when it’s supposed to end. Unless it’s meant to end tragically?

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 23

(UPDATE September 30): full details with a rough translation!

(UPDATE October 22): organized all the messy details, now that the frenzy is over, but I’m preserving the parts of the rough translation that coincide with the release.

The spoilers got released early with full pics, of course due to the hype of the 4th volume coming out on the same day.

Yashiro: “Stop playing around, I don’t care what do you think, don’t avoid this again”, as he feels Doumeki’s abdomen and climbs onto him.

Yashiro: “You loved it when you pinned me down, didn’t you?”

Doumeki is in utter despair

“I should have restrained myself, because I was so captivated by you, I fell for you”

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 23

Yashiro: “Huh? Don’t stray from the topic a million years. It’s not like you’re in a position to negotiate, especially with what’s going on below your waist, I don’t care about your feelings, I only eat what is served”, he purrs.

Yashiro started rubbing himself against him, and grabs his crotch hard, Doumeki is very aroused, seeing stars, that’s why he covered his eyes.

Yashiro: “Don’t you want to have sex? I always wanted to have you shoot a fine into my hole”,  the dirty police wordplay is exquisite here o.o

(Correction: Yashiro didn’t exactly say that, but apparently he said so in a way that can interpreted figuratively like this because of the kanjis, that’s the reason of the initial confusion)

Yashiro questions him, “what’s the matter? we can finally do it, I can finally get to know what you like?”

Doumeki: “Stop”

“You can’t do it after all, can you?” Yashiro asks, smiling sadly. There’s an interesting shift in Yashiro here, with his hair down, like back in those days.

Yashiro is in inner turmoil. He laughs.

“Hahahahaha, my stomach hurts”

“Is this because you don’t want to be like your Father? Does this remind you of your sister?”

Doumeki goes limp.

“What a waste of time”

Yashiro is shocked by Doumeki’s confession, can’t handle it, gets up and gives himself a shower, fully clothed.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 23

Yashiro really looks vulnerable here, the actor’s mask has shattered. What a twist. He’s feeling like in those Kageyama days, the tragedy of one sided love.

Yashiro: “What am I so angry with? when did this start?”

As he thinks over and over what Doumeki said.

What is it about him?

“He didn’t show any hesitation, the way his hands clamped me, his hot tongue and that wanton licking”

He can’t go the full way with him but has been in love with him since when…?

“What…strange words..”

Doumeki in his room after what he just said. “Did I really screw up?”

“I don’t want to be abandoned by him”

But he hears the sounds of water and hurries himself with a towel, only to find Yashiro sitting by the bathtub, dazzled.

“Boss, your injury, I’m so sorry…”

“Doumeki…listen…you’re not like that person (your father)…just look at me”

Yashiro: “I don’t want to let you go because you’re so cute”

This is the part where Yashiro tells him that the reason he told him all those things and questioning in the previous chapter is because he was afraid of losing him, since he’s only been three months in the job, and he just couldn’t stand it if he died in the line of work for him!

Yashiro: “It’s not you I’m afraid of, I fear of not being able to stand it if I lost you”

Doumeki can’t friggin believe it, he’s crying.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 23

Well, the rest I have no words. You have seen the kiss and hug panels already.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Spoilers chapter 24 – Out on November 30

Initial Speculation – updated November 28th

The kiss continues, but while it didn’t look at all that there would be no love scene, yes there is.

Even Yoneda-sensei is eager to tell us what’s going on, as she posted these two preview images in the official account:

saezuru spoilers 24

Doumeki: are you scared of me that much?

saezuru spoilers 24


Will they sleep together for the night on the same futon?

The thing is: will Doumeki ultimately get fired? is this a way of saying goodbye?

You know, I’m getting the feeling more and more that Doumeki could be let go temporarily because of Yashiro freaking out, the more I re-read the previous chapter, the more I know that Yashiro will just panic after that kiss.

And after they get back to the ‘normal yakuza world’, he will tell Doumeki those hated words in front of everyone. A self-defense mecanism. The actor’s mask is back. So much like him.

Unless time passes, they go to Yashiro’s appartment where there is hot water and a jacuzzi and…

Next chapter could delve more into Doumeki’s past!

Maybe the idea for this latest volume is to wrap up the series with cop/ex-cop intrigue.

And apparently Yoneda-sensei is thinking of doing more than 5 volumes.

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 24 – updated December 3

They keep kissing until Yashiro gathers the will to clench his teeth, force close his mouth and push Doumeki away a bit.

The cover shows a naked Yashiro struggling. It says: ” I can’t be caught”. The other half of the spread is not shown, but probably on January we will see it’s Doumeki on the other side.

Both are panting.

Yashiro: “…with you, it’s different”. He’s pensive.

Doumeki: “are you that afraid of me?”

Yashiro: “no, you’re wrong. Just forget what I said before. I’m actually afraid of losing myself”

But Doumeki still holds his hand against his shoulder.

Doumeki: “If you are afraid of losing yourself, how can you be afraid of me? I’m here”

While Yashiro is pulling an Onodera, he’s implying that pursuing a relationship with Doumeki, his underling, will only get in the way of his yakuza life, and only make things worse if he loses Doumeki.

But Doumeki reassures him that he IS here, that he will be there for him.

Yashiro looks up at him, startled.


“If I release this hand I have to answer…”

I want to stress here in this alt-synopsis that non-verbal language is the key.

Doumeki is holding his hand to his shoulder as sort of a promise, that he won’t allow any situation that might endanger him or Yashiro, that he has the capacity to do so.

That’s why Doumeki takes Yashiro’s hand to his heart.

Yashiro: (thoughts) “You…of all people”

Yashiro: “you got it wrong”

Yashiro insists in his uke denial.

Yashiro: “no matter how incredible you are, you can’t do this alone, but that’s not the case”

Yashiro: “you really messed me up”

“Do I want to fire you? Should I be angry with you?”

“I don’t want to think. I don’t know.”

“I wonder what to do with you, before…”

Doumeki looks sad.

Yashiro: “I can’t do this either way”

Doumeki looks at the state Yashiro is in. There is no actor mask of that dandy yakuza character. It’s Yashiro in his most raw, at his most vulnerable state.

Yashiro has no answer to the feelings that are overwhelming him, only his head is telling him that a relationship with his most precious underling is not viable.

Doumeki pulls him up. I guess I don’t need to explain the symbolism here.

Holding his hand, he takes him to his bedroom.

Doumeki: “I will dry you. Please take off your clothes.”

What I think it’s interesting in the whole chapter is the shift in Doumeki’s attitude.

Which frankly keeps feeding my theories that he’s either an undercover cop, but I’m leaning more that he is in some kind of contractor deal with the police or other agency. And, he has still a position in the police that allows him to pull some strings.

Because as you will see in the next scenes, let’s face it, Doumeki is a mere underling, the last in the food chain, he’s only in his trial period, he hasn’t even done the sake ceremony.

What card does he have in his sleeve? What gives him the capacity and authority to stand up to Yashiro in a way that he’s the dominant one in the relationship, despite Yashiro being his boss?

Let’s not forget that Yashiro is about to become the number 1 in Doushinkai, to be Misumi’s sucessor.

Doumeki has to be something as well.

Yashiro undresses.

Yashiro: “Take these off”, referring to his pants.

Doumeki takes off his belt, pants, briefs. Then hangs Yashiro’s clothes.

Doumeki: “Please sit down and wait a moment”

Yashiro: “you’re such a freak, you know?”

The cute towel scene.

Yashiro: “I don’t want to force you because you can’t get it up, are you kidding me?”

Doumeki: “is that so?”

Yashiro; “You are one really weird guy, even weirder than me” (for falling for me)

Doumeki: “I don’t think Boss is weird at all”

Yashiro: “I won’t change my mind”

Yashiro: “the getting wet”

Yashiro is beginning to see Doumeki in a new light. But how can their relationship even work?

Doumeki  leaves him very little room for thought as he lingeringly places kisses on his hair.

Doumeki: “I always loved touching your hair, so golden, thin and soft”, he starts caressing Yashiro’s neck.

Yashiro: “stop it”

Doumeki: “I always touched it whenever you were asleep”, he told him to his ear.

Doumeki: “and I always thought that you were beautiful on the inside, too”

You know what scares me? o.o That Doumeki is talking in a past tense, meaning that he knows that he will be fired anyway? So these are his latest moments with Yashiro?

Yashiro: “stop this already, just don’t treat me like that”

Yashiro: “do what you want to do and get it over quickly”

But we cut to a flashback in Yashiro’s mind.

Oh boy o.o, it was when Doumeki slept on the floor, dressed as a police officer.

Yashiro kissed him in the temple. He can’t deny or betray his own feelings.

Doumeki: “I have seen you so many times doing it with other people, even when knowing I couldn’t do it with you”

He starts caressing Yashiro’s back. The towel is off.

Doumeki: “This body… I don’t want other men touching it”

Doumeki: “…I want you to only be me,  that you will only want me, will need only me”, caressing his face between his hands.

Yashiro’s expression here is undescribable. Doumeki is practically asking him to leave the Yakuza, to leave this obscure life, this underworld, this ‘sweetening the deal with a fuck’ lifestyle.

What gives Doumeki the authority to ask such a thing? He has to have something.

Yashiro grasps his forearm firmly, he can’t believe either what he’s hearing.

Yashiro: “A bird…can’t quit…stop”

Doumeki is merely inches from his lips.

Yashiro: “I don’t want you to…”

But Doumeki cuts him off with a passionate kiss.

Then it follows the EPICness of Doumeki’s passion, playing Yashiro’s body like a stradivarius.

Yashiro is not used to this type of touch.

Yashiro: “Stop, I’m going to puke”

Doumeki: “Even if you do, I’ll keep going”

What is really sad about this line makes me wonder how much abuse did Yashiro endure while he was Hirata’s underling? Hirata took him like a ‘wife’, but there is something more.

And it’s somehow a key on Hirata’s motivation to wanting Yashiro dead, is not only about ‘jealousy’ over Misumi picking Yashiro as his successor.

Maybe Ryuuzaki knows. Maybe he made the connection that day when he saw Yashiro, hanging his head by the window.

It’s not only about Yashiro merely thinking that ‘vanilla sex’ or ‘love-making’ is disgusting, and that rough sex is what he really likes.

Despite Doumeki’s passion, it’s clear that Yashiro has a trauma or phobia that conditioned him to only want pain, to love receiving pain. It’s a case relatively similar to Shirotani from Ten Count.

In this case, Yashiro has a sex/intimacy phobia, rooted from the days his step-father raped him, hindering his social/emotional development as a child, and it only aggravated when Hirata took him over and over again.

Due to this, he may also have gender role/gender identity issues, he refuses to be ‘feminized’, treated ‘like a woman’, when that’s actually how he feels inside.

He’s denying who he really is, what he really wants, all his life.

And Doumeki is bringing that to the surface, by showing him these feelings that overwhelm him, he can’t really grasp what it is.

Doumeki: “I guess I’m like my father, after all”

It’s not like he chose to fall deeply in love with Yashiro and desire him with his soul, but here he is. He is the one that knows Yashiro to the core, he wants to keep going with the true love exposure therapy o.o

On Doumeki’s side, his main issue is that he thinks his overwhelming stamina and libido is just something wrong and unpure, due to the trauma of having seen his father raping his sister.

But Yashiro caresses his cheek.

Yashiro: “you’re wrong, you were impotent because you’re so pure”

Doumeki: “that’s not true, I had to meet you, I..”

Yashiro: “stop, you don’t have to do this”

He thinks Doumeki is treating him gently and with this level of adoration because he wants to prove that he’s different from his father.

But Doumeki  pins him down and begins blowing him off, with everything he has, what bothers Yashiro the most at this point is how Doumeki won’t just claim him.

Why doesn’t he take his pants off? Why won’t Doumeki let him reciprocate?

He even opens and grinds himself up against the seam of Doumeki’s jeans, desperately, like a madman, lost in lust.

Yashiro: “I want you to fill me up”

Then the infamous rimming scene that I know you have seen it for the 65797 time o.o

Yashiro came so hard and quick that even Doumeki can’t believe it.

Yashiro:(thoughts) “Licking my insides…it’s like he’s taking it all, making me his, part by part”

He has the flashback of how Doumeki looked at him that day in the backseat of the Lexus.

He can’t stop trembling.

Doumeki: “Boss? What..?”

Yashiro: “You just won’t listen, I can’t do this anymore, stop”

But Doumeki fiercely nips him on the back, Yashiro can’t believe how his body is responding to this man.

Doumeki: “Please don’t run away, Boss”

As you see, Yoneda-sensei left us with THE cliffhanger of the year.


Let’s just say that counseling sessions from Dr. Kurose from Ten Count will be needed for Yashiro

(no, not that type of sessions o.o, those sessions are only for Shirotani).

That’s why Yoneda Kou-sensei had that sad song for inspiration when working on this chapter.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Spoilers chapter 25 – Out on January 31st, 2017

Initial Speculation – January 21

It’s boding now to be a transition episode of a few pages, let’s prepare for a hot EPIC Valentine February Special o.o

Yoneda Kou-sensei decided to kill us to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Unless Doumeki is a masochist too that likes to deny himself, he IS aroused

saezuru tori wa habatakai 25 spoilers

And that nip he gave Yashiro at the end means that he wants to continue and give Yashiro what he ultimately wants, despite his hesitance.

Yashiro can’t believe how he came so easily, and Doumeki hasn’t really done anything to him yet.

But don’t worry, Yashiro will soon discover that Doumeki  >>>>>>>>>>> the 11 Matsubara guys combined o.o

Doumeki >>>>>>>>>>>> Ryuuzaki

Doumeki >>>>>>>>>>>> Hirata

Doumeki  >>>>>>>>>>> Misumi

However, I’m going to risk it here and say that three (four) things may happen:

1.- Doumeki getting fired

2.- Doumeki quitting ( a twist)

3.- Yashiro leaving the yakuza

4.- A timeskip

I’m going lately for Number 1, there’s something about Yashiro that feels like he doesn’t deserve Doumeki, or that Doumeki must restore his honor as a cop (so he can satisfy his policeman fetish too o.o).

He definitely feels like Doumeki is wasting his true potential being in the yakuza.

But Doumeki only wants to be by his side. And of course, let’s not forget the theory that he might still be an agent or still pulling some strings.

As an interesting afternote, Doumeki’s first name is Chikara. Chikara means Power. What’s a yakuza always lusting after?

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 25 – updated February 2 –

Doumeki nipped him in the back but continued kissing him on the area and stroking him on his perineum

Yashiro can’t stop trembling

As a bomb literally dropped after finishing the work on the Fairy Tail spoilers, it was a semi-transition chapter of sorts, in which Yoneda-sensei killed us to celebrate the Chinese New Year, AND Yashiro’s birthday.

The cover has Yashiro in a similar position as in last chapter’s cover.

Doumeki’s words resonating through him: “Don’t run away, Boss”

“What is this…”

Then a more detailed cover shows that it’s Doumeki on his back, holding him.

“I know it’s not the case”

This plays with the theme of Yashiro being a bird (yakuza) that can’t get caught. But he can’t help being caught by Doumeki, ironically a former cop.

“Boss…”. Doumeki groans while he keeps kissing Yashiro on the back.

Yashiro is still very aroused.

“Just fuck me”, he says between moans.

Doumeki: “I’m sorry”

“This is strange…”, Yashiro’s afterthoughts begin floating in his conscience.

Doumeki begins grinding heavily against him and keeps nipping him.

This is too much for Yashiro, he’s biting the sheets at this point.

“…I really want him?”

Doumeki uses the cum left of the sheets from the previous rimming and in one swift move, begins fingering Yashiro with it.

Yashiro is beyond disbelief at this point.

Doumeki affectionately keeps kissing on the back and fingering him.

All that Yashiro has known as pleasure is being replaced by each motion Doumeki makes.

Doumeki is a mixture of amusement of being the one making Yashiro become an utter mess like this, utter contentment and pleasure in finally defiling his uke fruit, but at the same time utter discomfort.

He really wanted their first time to be something special and romantic, more than just a fuck for Yashiro. He wanted to have lube and make everything safe, so he wouldn’t hurt his beloved uke like others have abused and used him.

But he KNOWS at this point that he’s being naive.

“Pull..out”, Yashiro begs and archs inwards.

Yashiro is wayyy more than ready.

In a very dramatic move, Doumeki pulls down his zipper and gets his dick out, slowly.



Yashiro at last feels Doumeki’s dick, sliding and grinding between his buttocks. Doumeki subreptitiously pulled the sheets so Yashiro’s ass is lifted.

But he’s frustrated, he wanted more resources.

Yashiro is on the verge of passing out.

“Please say that you want it”, Doumeki demands (I can imagine that seiyuu’s voice)

Doumeki arcs up, his body hard as ever.

“Say that you want it or I won’t put it in”

“Say that you want me”, Doumeki demands again.

Yashiro won’t even answer at this point, his ass begins grinding against him, desperately.

Doumeki grabs his shoulder and turns him on his back

Yashiro’s expression is a mixture of fear, surprise, confusion and utter arousal. True vulnerability through every pore of his skin. No one has touched him so far like Doumeki. He can’t help but keep panting.

When Doumeki sees his expression, he begins caressing him.

“I’m sorry, Boss”

“I’m sorry”, he repeats. Doumeki is also scared of his own libido and his sadistic nature, but as you see, he’s conscious about it, he doesn’t want to follow that path, that script, and thus he doesn’t want Yashiro to follow anymore that masochistic script either.

“Don’t…break me”, apparently it’s what Yashiro managed to say.

Doumeki wants to show him that there is much more beyond that.

That’s why in a quick killer motion, Doumeki grabs his dick and penetrates Yashiro in one full strong thrust.

Then it follows one of the most beautiful panels in this manga.

saezuru 25

One scream.

Yashiro arcs his body, the feelings and sensations rippling through him, embracing Doumeki with his moving left arm.

Doumeki can barely hold himself together, gritting his teeth and giving his most fierce stare ever.

“I won’t ever break you, EVER”, he states.

Doumeki begins moving in earnest, pounding Yashiro with all he has, but Yashiro tries with his left hand to get him to change position.

Doumeki caresses his arm, pins him and starts kissing him, rocking him at the same time.

Yashiro’s thoughts keep floating.

“…It doesn’t feel wrong…”

“Boss”, Doumeki keeps saying and moving inside him, kissing him fervently.

“More…I want more…”, Yashiro screams.

“…he’s torturing my whole body like I’m used to many times…”, <— I think he’s referring to Hirata in this line, who treated him like a wife, and the Matsubara boys, Doumeki can fill all that.

Doumeki increases his strength, uncontrollably slamming his hips against Yashiro, who keeps grabbing the sheets for dear life, his foot slowly pushing Doumeki’s jeans down.

Doumeki realizes that he’s letting his control slip, so he stops and begins rimming Yashiro again.

It looks like Yashiro came for the third time o.o

But Doumeki keeps rimming

Yashiro this time caresses him to stop

“…Don’t do me from the front…”

“…Do me from behind…”

Like testing their limits, Doumeki mercilessly slams him from behind, but Doumeki is still holding himself a bit, watching Yashiro’s reactions.


Yashiro uncontrollably moans and screams in pleasure.

Doumeki licks his back, and Yashiro comes for the fourth time o.o

Doumeki holds him from his back. He’s all sweaty, a bit spent, and he hasn’t even come yet for the first time.

“Can I do you from the front? I want to look at your face”, he asks.

“No”, Yashiro replied.

“I understand”, Doumeki said.

Doumeki pulls out and draws a moan from Yashiro, gets up to look for a cushion. He wants Yashiro to be the most comfortable possible and that’s what frustrated him.

It’s obvious by this point that they have been doing it all the way through the wee hours of the morning, the warm sunlight filtering through the curtains.

“Your body looks so tense on this mat, underneath this…”

But Yashiro pulls him for a passionate kiss, the first reciprocation from Yashiro, who still can’t believe that this  GOD of stamina and endurance has been giving all this to him, without even flinching much.

“This side of you is what makes me really angry, you know”, Yashiro teases.

They go at it again in the morning.

Yashiro ended up indulging Doumeki in doing him from the front, anyway.

As they keep rocking and rocking, Yashiro begs for more and more. He wants to know where this rabbit hole of feelings leads to, anyway.

Yashiro: “Hurt me, do anything”

Doumeki is more comfortable this time, slamming effortlessly and continuously.

Frankly, at this point I doubt that Yashiro will fire him after this o.o so it can be considered a twist.

Doumeki: “I won’t do anything…ah…(moan) that I wouldn’t be proud of”

He smiles as he keeps going, it’s like he knows the exact measure of pressure and strength

Doumeki:”…even if you order me to…”

He then kisses Yashiro in that area between the eyebrows.

Doumeki:”…Boss…”, as he moans and groans too, he’s more loose this time.

Yashiro moans louder, nearing his fifth cum.

Doumeki: (groans) “…Boss…”

“You’re beautiful”, all he manages to say as he kisses Yashiro and keeps going.

Yashiro: “Ok, just shut up!”, he protests, teasingly. You may have noticed that there is a pivotal character shift for Yashiro here, acting more tenderly, embracing and caressing Doumeki.

Doumeki: “…Boss…”, as he smiles and keeps going, nearing his actual first cum after all those hours o.o

Doumeki: “…Mine..”, he grunts as he finally comes and Yashiro can feel it too through the aftershocks, arching his back.

This somehow triggered a flashback for Yashiro, thus the bittersweet symphony begins.

Yashiro remembers how he was raped by his step-father, tied up with the door semi-open.

Yashiro: “Why just now”

How is his mind making the connection Doumeki= his step father?? He wonders. The peak of heavenly happiness and the lowest misery he knew as a child?

I guess this goes with the theme of ‘life is full of contradictions’

But then another series of flashbacks reveal how he developed a self-defense mechanism, not feeling pain, but rather embracing it, like a mask.

Thus the iron mask of the actor is born.

“So you don’t feel any pain at all?” a figure (we don’t even know if it’s Yashiro’s mother?) asks.


A young Yashiro with a bruised cheek just laughs, caressing it.

Then we go back to teen yashiro being banged by yakuza bosses.

That same expression.

But then the inner child is crying all the time.

“If there’s no pain, then I can’t get it on”


Yashiro is finally beginning to recognize his problem.

As he sees the light filtering through the curtains, just like that semi-open door, he cries at the realization.

Doumeki is asleep, and Yashiro feels his right hand trembling, gaining some movement, but I guess there’s still pain.

He covers his face with it, the realization keeps hitting him.

Then we see this key panel.


What will the actor do with his mask?

Doumeki is asleep and looking 5 years younger.


Yashiro stares at him, but the cellphone begins vibrating.

Yashiro and Doumeki slept together,  Yashiro subreptitiously slipped out of Doumeki’s arms.

He gets up, holding his right arm, gets out of the room.

Back to Yakuza reality and a series of decisions.

Saezuru spoilers chapter 26 – out on April 1- 2

Looks like a transition episode, but who knows.

Initial Speculation- Update March 30:

As the first spoilers emerge, there is a scene between Ryuzaki and Hirata.

Ryuzaki tries to stab Hirata, but Hirata has more force and overcomes him.

Hirata: “I didn’t know that you had more feelings for Yashiro”

There could be yakuza plot elements, and then the morning after scene?

For the latest screenshots that have come out on Twitter, Yashiro looks on his prime after all that EPIC sex and wearing Doumeki’s clothes.

But did he leave Doumeki alone sleeping?

Did he ultimately fire him?

I don’t know, but I can see Yashiro pulling a move like that or similar to protect Doumeki from the darkness of his world.

Yashiro has known how noble and magnificent Doumeki can be, the one who taught him how to love.

Imagine a petty bullet hitting such a noble, gentle back, spilling honor-filled blood, a potential brilliant police officer. A caring son and brother. All because it was wanting to protect him.

Yashiro couldn’t even fathom the despair.

But we need to see Doumeki’s side.

Update March 30: getting conflicting info on Doumeki being given a shotgun by Misumi’s men, as part of promotional panels that are a tie-in between Saezuru and Kou-sensei newest series, OP: Yoake itaru no iro no nai hibi, as two of Misumi’s men that are with Yashiro also know Yoake-san, a 38 year old divorced man who is an informant for an insurance company.

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 26- Updated March 31

Ryuzaki is in the cover this time.

Ryuzaki is being beaten to death. Hirata’s plan in blackmailing and then incriminating him in the killing of Yashiro failed.

Hirata Underling 1: beat him harder

Ryuzaki on the floor bleeding all over

Underling 1: Tell us, where is that guy?

Underling 1: Don’t push your luck, they are coming for you too

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 26

They keep kicking him

Underling: Maybe I didn’t ask it right

If you’re going to betray us in that obvious way, at least know how to keep it hidden

Ryuzaki: why do you even bother asking me?

Underling: what?

They want to trace Nanahara and Sugimoto, and eliminate anyone associated that may appoint Hirata as the mind behind Yashiro’s assassination plan.

Underling: Sugimoto, was it?

Ryuzaki: How can you ask me about these 2 little rascals? As if I knew.

They keep beating the nasty shit out of him

Ryuzaki: you guys…that have to kill your own people at the expense of other people

Underling: tell us…how did they come to you?

Ryuzaki will not respond

Underling: you have a choice (between us or them)

Cut to the hospital

Misumi is visiting his oyaji (superior), the old man is in good spirits despite his advanced age

Amou is guarding the entrance, listening

Oyaji: How is he? (asking for Amou)

Misumi: today he’s waiting outside

Oyaji: How old is he?

Misumi: He’s 40 years old (so Amou is slightly a bit older than Yashiro?)

saeuzuru tori wa habatakanai 26

No wonder Misumi gave an opportunity to Yashiro, he reminded him also of his own son o.o

I always thought that Misumi and Amou were lovers, but they have a special relationship as father and son.

Apparently they hint that Amou is not interested in women, either, and how that is an advantage to him.

But they discuss how Amou is not adequate to be a successor, being paid a college scholarship, so his future is not really as a Yakuza leader, despite his brilliantness.

He’s also his son from his first wife, so there’s a sentimentality in not wanting to get him too involved.

So that means that when Misumi retires, so will Amou.

The oyaji is pleased with this.

Supreme Oyaji: so he is your son first, above everything else, I see. Very cute, indeed.

The oyaji mentions how all the people in his life abandoned him.

Supreme Oyaji: so you would only have to keep an eye over him and bury him in overprotection

He is referring on how the Yakuza life is a life of paranoia, this scene reminds me of Andy Garcia in the Godfather III

Misumi: there are still talented person, though (as he thinks of Yashiro) but there’s always a desire to be normal

Supreme Oyaji: what you said is correct

Supreme Oyaji: well, almost a third of it! (the old man laughs as he’s obviously no idiot, there’s also the pursuit of money and power that motivated him throughout his life)

I’m kinda amused that they have this abstract conversation in the clouds when below their ranks the underlings from all the groups live in a constant all-out war.

Supreme Oyaji: …so you are leaving

This part is not exactly clear, as it seems that Misumi will step down too from Doushinkai for the sake of Amou? So they would leave everything to Yashiro? o.o

Was this all pre-planned from the beginning?

Misumi always saw how suave Yashiro was, that ability to get anyone to work for his side. What more evidence that even the Hirata underlings that kidnapped Nanahara have turned sides.

The Oyaji mentions how it is vital for this successor to have everyone’s support, or else it would not be feasible.

Supreme Oyaji: Also, there’s not much time, as I can’t hold on anymore.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 26

Misumi’s expression is undescribable, his affection for the old man.

Misumi and Amou go out the hospital.

Misumi: it’s also like he thought that Yashiro was the guy.

So it is revealed the reason on why Misumi doesn’t want Hirata, but Yashiro would need to take Hirata down.

A Hirata in the reigns would only bring cruelty and chaos.

What would happen with a Yashiro?

But it’s not like they would be 100% sure that Yashiro would be the best candidate, precisely because of his reputation as public toilet.

Misumi: but I don’t want someone who wouldn’t be capable of replacing him

It’s quite the dilemma, Misumi technically can’t step down like that, he has to think of something

Cut to Doumeki’s appartment entrance

Yashiro came quickly down the stairs, wearing Doumeki’s clothes

Misumi’s men find him anyway

Yashiro: you have very good timing

He lits his cigarrette with one of the guy’s

Yashiro: give me a ride

So these guys that were supposed to be undercover were found out anyways

The guys are also amused that he’s wearing somewhat oversized clothes, even the shoes o.o

And of course the money shot that has caused very interesting comments on Twitter and Tumblr, on whether Doumeki’s semen has rejuvenating properties

Well, if it’s been stored there for years and years, even since the time Doumeki was in prison, you can imagine o.o

This part is not exactly clear, as Yashiro was talking with the cop that sent him Detective Inami (the sadistic asshole that Yashiro had last rough sex with and that mocked Doumeki for his past)

Of course, Yashiro complains all the details of the sex transaction in front of Misumi’s underlings who cringe all the way.

But he tells the cop that he knows that they’re targeting him because they want him out of the scene and that is such yesterday’s newspaper.

Meaning that even the Police has the information of Hirata wanting to kill Yashiro.

Yashiro hangs up and complains that the air conditioning is too cold.

The two guys begin bickering on how could such a thing happen, of getting discovered, if they were supposed to be invisible.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 26

Yashiro: well, speak up, so he sent you guys to watch over me. How much have you reported to him so far?

The fatty one seems more cooperative.

Fatty: well, the sex with your underling

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 26

He gets hit by the sunglasses one

Sunglasses-one: SHUT UP, YOU DICK!!!

Fatty: so, where is he? (Doumeki)

So here’s the part where Yashiro drops a bomb for the fandom:

Yashiro: I have no use for him anymore, so I left him behind

It can be interpreted a million ways, it’s ironic that while Doumeki wants to pull Yashiro out of the yakuza, now Yashiro wants Doumeki out of his dark business. Both are desperate to protect each other.

Back to Ryuzaki

Oh God, I get the feeling more and more that Ryuzaki will be executed.

Ryuzaki: where is my girl?

Underling 1: don’t worry, we will let her go once we have no more use for her (meaning that they will kill her too)

Underling 1: we’ll keep playing with her until you bite the dust

A door opens and another underling enters:

Underling 3: you guys, go outside

Ryuzaki in utter despair

Hirata enters.

Hirata: I’m so dissapointed in you

Ryuzaki: Hirata

Hirata starts beating him

Hirata: I didn’t really expect you to be that stupid

Hirata: a simple task, to kill one Yashiro, I didn’t even expect you to be that useless

Ryuzaki: you have only made a triangulation of the matter. I was going to get caught anyway. So why would I bother to kill him?

The problem is that Ryuzaki is an idiot that fell into a spider’s trap. He trafficked drugs in that operation that almost involves Yashiro’s group, but Hirata used it against him to blackmail him to kill Yashiro.

That’s why Hirata tells him that he is in a position where he will be disposed of anyway.

But Ryuzaki questions him: what is your obsession with Yashiro? He makes decent money.

Ryuzaki: why do you want to kill him?

Deep rooted homophobia and jealousy that Misumi will choose him as Shinsekai, then even Doushinkai’s leader.

Ryuzaki keeps pressing: at first this was all about money, who generated more for the group

Ryuzaki: but if you have such an intent to kill him, then there can only one reason

Hirata is pale and silent

Ryuzaki: you are stunned that I said this, right? It’s for a position in the Doushinkai

Hirata only responds: why do you think I used you?

Hirata: because you knew him from the beginning when he was with us, I thought you wouldn’t hesitate to go for his head.

Hirata is referring when Yashiro slept with the entire’s Hirata group, aside from Matsubara’s.

Yashiro was kicked out, but then he reemerged under Doushinkai under Misumi’s wing, precisely for his accounting and money making skills.

Hirata: but I certainly didn’t imagine that you would be deeply fascinated with him in that way

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 26

Ryuzaki: what did you say??!?

Hirata: doesn’t that shame you in the least bit? (being gay) Won’t that make you lose face in front of everyone, that you are involved with that fag too?

Hirata: surely you remember that guy that was kicked out of the group, infatuated with Yashiro (he’s referring to that guy that treated Yashiro like a wife)

The guy was apparently beaten to death.

Hirata: and now you’ll have the same fate as him.

But Hirata pressed:…unless you kill that man

Hirata: it should be no problem, right? Prove it to me that you have no feelings for him

Hirata: use any means possible

Hirata: and you will prove to me that you’re not like that sad man

Ryuzaki hesitates: so I only have to kill him…

Hirata: it’d be only a matter or determining his location

They are making the arrangements to kidnap Yashiro

Ryuzaki listened intently as the guys went out

saezuru tori wa habatakanai 26

In that precise moment, Ryuzaki grabbed a knife from one of the underlings and charged at Hirata

Ryuzaki: as if I’m that kind of person!!

He seems to manage to stab Hirata

Ryuzaki: what the hell are you even talking about?

Ryuzaki: you’re only talking nonsense

And that’s it, he may have done some minor damage to Hirata, and looks like he will be done for good. He will die for Yashiro’s sake, because he cares for him as a brother.

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 27- out on May 31st, 2017

Speculation May 29th:

The first teaser panels show us that Ryuuzaki is alive, THANK GOD, but did he manage to stab Hirata? How did he escape?

Spoiler Synopsis June 7th – UPDATED – FULL

First, the cover has an more explicit symbolic element to it. We see Yashiro as usual on Doumeki’s lap. But the key is Doumeki’s expression, stern but can be even interpreted as pissed.

Yashiro is looking sideways at him, somehow between bored, blasse and frustrated.

However, if we look at their arms and legs position, they are forming one being, they are completing each other. It’s like they’re facing the first bump in their relationship, after the romanticism and longing of the other similar covers.

Other possible symbolism is that Yashiro is KING and Doumeki is his THRONE that he rests upon.

Very interesting indeed.

The chapter opens with a conversation between Yashiro and Doumeki in the afterglow.

Doumeki nips and kisses Yashiro in the stomach, ready for another round.

Yashiro’s body responds instantly, but he gently stops Doumeki by caressing his hair and then his face.

Yashiro: “nnn…it’s alright”

Yashiro: “if you are like a dog, then you can surely pull your tail down” <— there was also lots of confusion on the meaning of this line. We simply concluded that Yashiro is using the tail metaphor in reference that Doumeki can certainly control his desires for now (his Doumeki Jr that recently came back to life).

Yashiro: “we can sleep at it is”, Yashiro smiles and gently caresses Doumeki’s cheek.

Doumeki: “it’s ok, then”, as he grabs Yashiro’s hand, caressing it with his lips.

Doumeki is a new man, looking ethereally happy, but internally there’s doubts.

Not sure, but Kou-sensei has subly changed her linework for this scene

Yashiro subtly avoids his gaze, it’s obvious that such intimacy is too much for him.

Doumeki repositions himself between Yashiro’s thighs, wanting to sleep that way with him, cocoon-style. Yashiro touches his hair at the base of his neck, smiling.

Doumeki implies that even in the emptiness of this appartment, he feels rich, sleeping here with him.

Yashiro questions him a bit on that, he could give him more money so he could furnish this appartment and live better. But Doumeki has no time to take care of the little details.

Yashiro: “Close your eyes…you need to sleep”

Doumeki: “why…”

Doumeki: “Can I ask you…why were you crying?”, while softly caressing Yashiro’s hair.

So he saw Yashiro crying after having come.

Yashiro is happy, but pensive.

“Please, don’t look any more than this”, he thinks.

In the floating thoughts, Doumeki has a confidence crisis. It’s like he really wants to get to Yashiro’s soul, and defiling him won’t just be enough.

Poor Doumeki, it’s been Ulises’ journey for him, first he didn’t think that he could really satisfy Yashiro, that being by his side, forever impotent, touching his hair, was more than enough.

Then he found out that he could MORE than satisfy him than other mere men, but there’s still something that he hasn’t been able to decipher.

His eyes open, startled, as he realizes that Yashiro is no longer there, wakes up with a jolt.

Of course Yashiro was coaxing him to sleep so he could slip away, he couldn’t sleep because of the pain, after all.

Doumeki: “Right now, I should have known” as his entire being was being put in that single motion of getting dressed quickly

Doumeki: But I just want him to stay with me

Back to that tense scene with Ryuuzaki

He managed to stab Hirata and leave him in a poor condition, however, Hirata’s underlings whack him in the head with a baseball bat

They barely contain Ryuuzaki who still holds the knife, he’s just ready to die, he has nothing to lose, swinging the knife around, making the underlings step away

Underling1: if you really stayed there, you would not have to suffer more

Ryuuzaki: shut up and come at me!!

Hirata is livid

Hirata: so you really want to die for that fag

Underling number 2 is about to deliver a killing bat hit

But they stop as they see Hirata bleeding

Underling2: Boss, please go to the yard quickly!

Hirata (putting a hand to his wound): it’s no big deal

Hirata: I’ll kill him myself

Underling 2 and Ryuuzaki face off, bat against knife.

Ryuuzaki is badly wounded and takes a hit to the stomach, a hit to the head and shoulder, he’s on his knees, on his last breaths.

We see Hirata’s terrifying killer intent expression

Hirata (smiling): give me the knife

Hirata walks towards him

Hirata: you should be honored that you will die by my hands

Ryuuzaki: please, you’re just a petty bully

Underling 3: Boss, it’s the police! Please, let’s exit immediately through the back door! The car is ready!

They leave Ryuuzaki on the floor, badly injured.

It’s two detectives and one of them is Yashiro’s sex friend. One is more seme-looking and the young, refined one in a suit, is more uke-looking. However, they still noted the license plate number of Hirata’s car.

Det1 (most likely the sex friend): should we chase that car?

Det 2: it’s no use, we will be at a disadvantage

They enter and find Ryuuzaki.

Det1: Arrest the suspect!

They recognize him as the leader of Matsubara, arrest him and proceed to formally notify him of his rights and charges

Det2: All right, stand up

Ryuuzaki laughs and stands up, giving a fuck

Ryuuzaki: spare me that song

The detectives charged him with trafficking 4kg of cocaine, they put him in the car and surprise, he finds Yashiro there!

Yashiro saved his live by giving all the tips to the police on his whereabouts.

Det1: 10 minutes

Yashiro: Yo

Ryuuzaki: YASHIRO!!

Yashiro: your face looks like shit (smiling)

Ryuuzaki: why are you in here??!

Yashiro: do you really want to know? you really don’t get it, do you?

Ryuuzaki: that damn Hirata, he set me up, but we know he’s been like that from the beginning

Thing is, Yashiro can still use the two guys that kidnapped Nanahara against Hirata to make him fall into a trap

The interesting twist here is that contrary to my theories on Doumeki having still some strings in the Police (hey, he may still ultimately can), it’s actually Yashiro who pulls strings through his detective sex friends.

It’s all based on information transactions.

Ryuuzaki realizes this as he talks with Yashiro, he’s not that lustful pretty boy toy, hanging his head by the window.

Yashiro mentions how convenient it was for Ryuuzaki to have thought that Yashiro was trapped and most likely soon be done for good, because it helped deceive Hirata, so Hirata has a good opening now.

Then they talk about Ryuuzaki’s probable 18 year sentence, Ryuuzaki jumps, but Yashiro tells him that the odds are looking very good now to get them reduced.

In other words, Yashiro is using Hirata’s game against him smoothly. Ryuuzaki sees that he is just a piece falling out of the chess board.

Well, at least he’s alive. For now.

Ryuuzaki: Hey, what about these clothes?

Then the hilarious teenage girl reaction from Yashiro.

Yashiro: Oh, the suit got wet so I got somebody else’s clothes to wear

Ryuuzaki is no idiot, indeed it’s like he can smell some sex odor in Yashiro, something not unusual in him.

As he recalls that boy hanging his head by the window, he puts the pieces together that pain turns Yashiro on because of a trauma. He will probably never know exactly what, but he can feel it.

So he grabs him by the shirt

Ryuuzaki: Don’t give me this bullshit, I’m sick of it

Ryuuzaki: at least I won’t see your horny face again, let me have a feast one more time. <—- a bit confusing, because it’s that love/hate and internalized homophobia that has always existed between Ryuuzaki, himself, and Yashiro

Yashiro laughs at how worked up is Ryuuzaki

Ryuuzaki keeps smelling the shirt (which must have a protective barrier power)

Ryuuzaki is going crazy with the sour smell of it

Yashiro: Hahah, do you want my sympathies?

Ryuuzaki lifts the shirt and feels him by the chest

Yashiro: so are you taking the initiative here? (in the Detective’s car, no less)

Ryuuzaki: I’m very much daring so

Yashiro: I could visit you in prison to serve you as comfort

Ryuuzaki licks his nipple, and while Yashiro feels the stimulation, it’s different now

Yashiro: won’t you bite my nipples?

Ryuuzaki: no, I won’t bother doing that

Yashiro stays passive and Ryuuzaki leaves it as it is

Ryuuzaki: if only you were a woman, I could promise you that it would be different

Ryuuzaki begins to feels the stabs of pain of his injuries, he doesn’t have much time left.

Ryuuzaki: you don’t have to visit me, I’m not afraid to die, you know?

It really gets a somber tone from here, it’s like a reflection of his arc’s end. We won’t really see this great character in quite a while, probably never?

Even Yashiro is a bit o.o at this point, as he straightens his jacket, on how Atsushi-san has been such a contradictory guy all these years.

He wanted Yashiro to be a woman, because he’s a guy and guys don’t really do it with other guys (but he has done it countless times with one, no?)

And so that would be the reason he has done only Yashiro in the ass and not other men.

Yashiro (really amused): Don’t worry, I can be a woman for you again o.o

But jokes aside, Yashiro looks out the window, the time is up.

Yashiro: maybe if I really were a woman, tragedy wouldn’t have strolled all around me

Ryuuzaki: you can still quit

And then comes one of the most iconic panels in the manga, showing off how Yashiro has the beauty of a woman and how that has been a gift and a curse.

As you see him with his soft hair down, and his oversized clothes, it’s more evident than ever, but he exudes a masculine confidence that makes it for everyone impossible to resist him. Ryuuzaki didn’t quite miss on that but it was Doumeki who first saw him that way.

Yashiro: I won’t quit, at the end of the day, grass can only belong to grass (smiles)

Det1: Time’s up

As a last request, Ryuuzaki tells Yashiro to pull away his woman from Hirata’s men and make sure she’s well cared for.

Yashiro: please rest assured of that (as he gets out of the car)

Frankly, this has been the longest 10 minutes of anyone’s lives by this point.

Ryuuzaki tries one more time to coax him to get out of the yakuza life. He actually sees that Yashiro is just too good for it. Incredibly and ironically reaching to the same conclusion as Doumeki?

Ryuuzaki: you don’t want to end like me

The police car leaves, leaving Yashiro smiling passively.

He turns to Whale and Shark, the two guys that I didn’t properly describe in the latest synopsis.

Yashiro: all right, let’s go back. Or would it be too troublesome? (since they were discovered, anyway)

Whale: it’s ok, I still have to report this to Boss.

Shark hits him.

Shark: what are you talking about? will you add that his nipples were sucked in the report? we’re going to be fucked!

Yashiro: he only licked one of them, actually…

Meanwhile, cut to Ryuuzaki in the police car

Det1: hey, what’s the matter with you

He sees that Ryuuzaki is passing out, blood coming out from a serious wound

Det1: turn over! he’s losing a lot of blood! he will die right now if we don’t rush him to a hospital!

Ryuuzaki could care less, did he just plan this? to die than to go to prison? what else he has to lose anyway?

He just pants and thinks to himself.

Ryuuzaki: Damn Hirata, that bastard

It is shown then that Hirata DID manage to stab him nastily in the stomach RIGHT before the police arrived. It reminded me of that scene in Gladiator where Joaquin Phoenix character stabbed Russell Crowe’s character before the final fight. That’s the kind of piece of shit Hirata is.

Ryuuzaki: Fuck him

And then he passed out

Det1: Hurry up!! he’s down!!

The only thing floating in the last of Ryuuzaki’s consciousness is nothing more than Yashiro’s beauty

Ryuuzaki: but you’re real class…you’re too good

Cut to a hospital

A surgeon talks to one of Hirata’s underlings. Hirata is unconscious.

Surgeon: we’re finished. His condition is stable, but he won’t be able to walk for a while.

Surgeon: his vital organs were ultimately not affected

I still don’t know who I hate more, Hirata or Ueda from Ten Count at this point.

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 28- out on September 30th, 2017

Speculation – updated September 20:

As new surprises lie ahead, it seems this will be another exposition chapter, this time about Hirata and more on his internalized homophobia, which is seemingly much worse than Ryuuzaki’s.

How did get to his position? what truly drives his ambition?

Who was Misumi’s ‘other half’?

We will see more about young Amou, as this character has gained popularity with Japanese readers (and of course, overseas too!).

Update October 2:

There is great backlash as not only there is no Doumeki, but apparently Yashiro fired him without facing him directly.

It’s obvious that Yashiro is doing this to protect him, and indeed he thinks that Doumeki is a wasted potential in the Yakuza.

Read again the dialogue in chapter 22, it seems that Yashiro was wanting to fire him anyway, before things got too complicated.

There could be a twist in that he either left a note or a message to Doumeki in some form.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Spoiler Synopsis 28 – Updated on January 10th, 2018:

Indeed, this wasn’t exactly everyone’s favorite chapter, but it sheds some more light on what are some people’s motivations.

But what is more evident here, more than ever, is that Hirata is such a low life primitive form that his whole existence can be defined in one very petty word: Jealousy.

The cover gives us some optimistic glimpse, Yashiro standing next to Doumeki, who seems to be fully recovered from that scar that one of Hirata’s guys gave him.

And that look!

“The lingering feelings of the past won’t fade away”

Hirata is in the hospital recovering, and one of the underlings is reading a newspaper

He finds the note about Ryuuzaki being alive and captured by the police with the seized drugs and that an investigation has started.

“They will now know that you sold it”

The underling also informs him that Ryuuzaki’s woman escaped.

Hirata gets up and his wound opens and starts bleeding, in his doozed state, Hirata begins to have flashbacks of the past, coughing in a feverish state.

“This kind of pain is very much like one I felt before”

Hirata was a mere chinpira (underling) starting out.

Ruthless, brutal with others on his level or below him.

Looks like this somehow took place in the late 80’s, with his Boss being a cool looking Aviator glasses guy, who loves to yell a lot at his inept underlings.

Also, his group was in a financial slump.

Hirata was being beaten up for seemingly taking for himself the money of a guy that owed them a debt, the guy he was beating up hours earlier.

“What’s up with those eyes, huh?”, the Cool Aviator Boss’ underling was going to beat him up some more.

But Misumi and his underling entered the room.

The Cool Aviator Guy underling greets them

They were to place the blame on Misumi on another missing money situation, but Misumi just shakes it off, literally.

Misumi is definitely inspired in Al Pacino from The Godfather II o.o

His underling is of course, a Doumeki type, with a scar on his nose and on his forehead.

Misumi: Spare this young man, surely you won’t want to get a sore throat

We know where Yashiro got his ‘soft power’ from.

As for Kurobane, Misumi’s underling, he’s a seasoned bodyguard, loyal, efficient and expert at what he does.

Misumi promises to clear up the whole thing and they take Hirata with them.

Under Misumi’s group, his tasks were mainly cleaning and mopping the floors, when he was not Kurobane’s assistant driver.

Kurobane and Hirata got to know each other. Apparently they had a few things in common, like the same taste in cigarrettes.

And Kurobane was apparently one of the few people that treated Hirata well.

Kurobane was too open, he told Hirata about how he got his injuries, which were several along his career, protecting Misumi and his wife, how his body was broken all over.

Because he wanted to be forever by Misumi’s side.

Hirata didn’t understand such attitude, being friendly with him.

Hirata: why do you want to help me?

Kurobane just smiles while holding the cigarrette.

One day Hirata meets Kurobane’s niece. They live together and he has had to raise her, as her mother went away with another guy, neglecting her.

Kurobane was on the fence on whether to retire and live a peaceful life to raise the child of his sister, but that would mean not being with Misumi anymore.

He even refused to be Misumi’s successor for that, he had the opportunity for being his righteous son.

Kurobane: “I want to live, for him”

While Hirata commented on the unfairness of the whole thing and that maybe Kurobane should get a babysitter or something, even offering himself for it, as a manner of a joke.

Then, Cool Aviator Glasses Guy lost his position and the group via dissolution, so Hirata stayed in Misumi’s group.

And as matter of fact, Hirata ended up babysitting Kurobane’s niece and she is always scared of him.

One day, Kurobane arrived beaten up. She asks about it, but he laughs with her, as if nothing.

Hirata, deep down, was taking note of this situation. His cold mind was seizing up the opportunity.

Kurobane was such a naive, good natured person.

Flashback to Misumi’s first wife funeral

Amou in high school clothes is such a scene stealer.

Amou apparently didn’t want such a high-profile funeral, but due to his father’s occupation, he couldn’t help it.

Misumi can’t help but pat him in the head to endure.

Hirata was standing there, like all times, seeing Misumi’s display of affection. First Kurobane, now his son Amou.

Yakuza relations are all about affection.

Note (January 10th, 2018): I mistakenly concluded that Kurobane was fully blind due to low quality scans in the rush of the release. However, after getting both Chinese and Japanese raws, my sources indicate that while is not especifically stated, Kurobane is in really a poor health condition due to injuries received over the years, and it is implied that several concussions due to fights can lead to loss of sight.

So I ultimately prefer to assume here that Kurobane was on a very poor condition that even affected his sight and his reactions. He didn’t want to tell Misumi anything because that would mean he would get dismissed.

Misumi got shot and Kurobane failed to protect him.

He cut his pinky finger off.

But Misumi didn’t want to let him go either. Too much years by his side, unwavering loyalty.

Indeed they had a very personal, intimate relationship.

Kurobane was constantly blaming himself, that’s why he had such a dilemma, he didn’t want to leave Misumi’s side. Even if he was beginning to lose his sight.

He had to do something to prove himself worthy one more time. He had to get revenge for his Boss. Hirata followed him.

Kurobane found the culprits of the shootings and killed them.

Hirata’s next flashback is, of course, when Kurobane was standing there over the corpses.

He entered, and Kurobane reacted when hearing his voice. I think Hirata was beginning to realize Kurobane’s state.

He seemed so peaceful in his sentimentality.

So he took the knife from one of the corpses and stabbed him to his death.

In a brutal, swift attack, and Kurobane could barely react.

Misumi, of course, was recovering from the loss, when he just received the news of Kurobane’s death, too.

Hirata (in his mind holding the knife): Two people, did it

Hirata: Let me avenge him

That’s how Hirata got started. And he began ascending in the ranks.

Cut to Kageyama Clinic

Nanahara is recovering and Yashiro is seated.

They asked him about his sling, and Yashiro explained that he can move his arm now, so he left the sling at Doumeki’s

They asked him about Doumeki

Yashiro: Pay him no mind, I left him (as in casting him aside)

At this point it’s somehow ridiculous, as Nanahara and Sugimoto stare at him in disbelief.

I mean, they can smell the sex stained shirt from 1km and over

And Yashiro is all like ‘been here, done that, got the t-shirt’

‘But don’t mind him, as I fired him.’

No wonder an entire fandom was outraged o.o

Even Kageyama, who was treating Ryuuzaki’s wife, couldn’t help but enter the conversation

But Kageyama is no idiot, only he and other person have cut through the actor’s mask, and a psychopathic actor’s mask at that.

Kageyama: have you really thrown him away, huh? weren’t you in love with him?

Yashiro’s face is priceless

Kageyama KNOWS that he had sex with Doumeki, yes, but that Doumeki was NOT like the others.

Yashiro is cornered, so he covers his face quickly in a burst of laughter

“The light you cast on me”, he thinks.

But he managed to say:

Yashiro: he was just a little bird that when it got out of jail, got infatuated to the first thing he saw, that’s why he came along with me, but it was all a misunderstanding.

And cut to the final frame, we dont see his face.

Yashiro: and that was pretty much it

The thing is, Doumeki is now in that gray zone of being fired/not-really-fired because remember, Yashiro doesn’t really know what to do with him.

For me, that final frame just shows Yashiro’s despair. He wants to protect Doumeki, it’s obvious, but he can’t help but hurt inside.

He doesn’t believe that they can be together. Being together means a future sure death at the hands of Hirata.

Thus we go full circle at the beginning:

“The lingering feelings of the past won’t fade away”

Saezuru spoilers and alternative synopsis for chapter 29- out on January 2018 -synopsis on March

Will we finally know what happened with Doumeki?

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai General Speculation 2018

Did Yashiro’s mother have any relationship with the yakuza? Debt, perhaps?

What can Doumeki do if he’s fired? Stand in the grey area of an ex-cop and almost a Yakuza gang member?

A new plot about him is on the rise .

Yashiro is about to become the number 1 of Doushinkai, could he be maneuvering to step down to leave with Doumeki?

Yashiro is a solid businessman, despite his dealings. Either he cleans up Doushinkai’s act so Doumeki can be with him safely or does something else.






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    Thank you! I ordered the manga but it hasn’t been delivered to me yet T-T Hopefully didn’t run out.

    • Toki Nakamura

      sorry for the delay in responding,

      looks like indeed they did run out 🙁 it’s not in cdjapan either.

  • fanfic3112

    Is ch 28 & 29 out and us there I ch 30? I hope so! I love this story and really want to see them forge a relationship with him as his body gaurd for a now top guy but then havibg fun in the office and intimacy and naughty s & m cause he knows the boss likes it with riding crooks and leather and cockrings and nipple clips or tying him up! There is a world where these two can get happy even if it involved one learning to bite his lip and put up with gentleness while the other gives in yo dealing out done pain to make the boss have but still with safety and holding and obvious adoration at the end. I hope you do many more chapters cause it love them and the story and their artwork!

    • Toki Nakamura

      chapter 28 comes this month, on September 30

      yea, this depends on the tone that sensei will give it, hopefully it will be optimistic and fun, but remember that this is a yakuza story, they would have to get out of that world

      thank you!! I appreciate it very much!!

      Looking forward to do the newest chapters 😀

  • Nhoc Kientri

    Thank you for the spoilers. I love your way of story-telling. You really demonstrated YashiroxDoumeki affection and care. It seems like you get how i felt when i read the manga. Though i have already read chapter 27. Reading your article reveal some more info. 😍😗😊 thank you so much.
    By the way, are you from Japan, Tori?

    • Toki Nakamura

      Thank you!! I’m really glad you liked it!

      No, I’m from Panama, I’m a translator and I have my sources, just that they don’t speak English well, so I’m an intermediary in what they mean with each piece of dialogue, what is the expression.

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  • Afroluv

    Great article! Only a couple of things are wonky…yashiro was raped from ages 10-18 by step dad not so dearest. Also I don’t think Mizuki abused yashiro any more than yashiro actually asked for as a M…in the flashback where yoshikun becomes Misumi’s son, misumI says Yoshiro reminds him of the wife who died of cancer and that he didn’t like to inflict pain on people especially after being by her side as she went thru that.

    • Toki Nakamura

      I see, thank you! in the scanlation I read, Yashiro was raped from age 5 by his stepfather

      the relationship between Misumi and Yashiro was very complex from the beginning, it seems like Yashiro started as a boy toy masochistic lover, an amusement for Misumi, then it seemed to mature to a more fatherly relationship

      also apparently Misumi’s wife death was not clear

      guess I’ll check some raws out, also pending confirmation for other data

  • Afroluv

    I finally found online translations for chapts 26-28. That scene btwn Kageyama and Yoshiro at the end got to me. K asked Y didn’t u love Doumeki? And Y like how is it YOU were the one to ask me this after I’d been in love with you since high school and you never seemed to notice. Y was just done. He’s probably holding tears back in that last panel cause btwn his feelings for both the Dr and Doumeki, he’s getting hurt either way…Aliso I loved that cover for chptr 27. My take is Doumeki looks like he’s being stubborn, he’s not gonna take no for answer, he’s gonna be the bosses arms, legs, even his chair if he has to and Yoshiro is like I was trying to protect you, baaka-just do what you want. I love the dynamics of this couple. I hope I can find the 10th anniversary edition in English soon.

    • Toki Nakamura

      xD looking forward to see what Doumeki will do next

  • BootCamp

    I’ve just found out this story and read all the chapters in one afternoon. I’m new on web comics and the whole yaoi thing ( I don’t like the typical ones actually, the whole rapist turned lover plus the effeminate weak bottoms,nope, I skip those). This one is such a gem. I was worried I was starting to get hooked on something that wasn’t been updated. So glad it’s an ongoing story. I need to know what happens next.

    • Toki Nakamura

      whoa lucky you 😀 the feeling must have been intense if you binge read them till the latest
      stay tuned! next chapter comes on January

      • BootCamp

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, I need Doumeki back and wearing nothing else but that Tiger print sweater….. I want to see if Yashiro can resist to that. 🙂
        May I ask something that is killing me because I can’t find the answer to? .. What does the title mean? The English translates to something like ‘Twittering Birds can’t Fly’ or ‘Songbirds can’t fly’ or ‘The Bird that Sings Can’t Fly’… I’ve asked around in manga site forums but nobody seem to be know exactly. I thought at first it was about Doumeki but re reading now I think it’s Yashiro. In the story, both of them are at some point compared to birds… So, what’s the title is referring to? Yashiro’s inability to love despite his promiscuous life? Something with Doumeki’s impotence? Thanks.

        • Toki Nakamura

          while the English translation is literal, I also thought that it referred to either Yashiro or Doumeki or both,

          but as for these latest chapters, I think it refers to the nature of the yakuza world, how a ‘bird’, a member that shows his cards, his feelings, gets his wings cut by enemies or predators and therefore dies.

          look at Kurobane’s case, he was predated by Hirata, for trusting in him too soon

          look at how Hirata analyzes all relationships in yakuza so he can predate and go up the ranks

          we would need to wait more, because it somehow allegues that the story could end up tragically or with a bitter sweet ending.

          but frankly, given the manga’s popularity, I highly doubt it could end badly.

          • BootCamp

            Ah, that makes sense …. Glad to know I’m not the only one who dwells on the title. I thought I was missing something obvious or well known.

            I’m hearing everywhere the prediction that this will not have a happy ending ( Y + D safe and together) . If this ends in tragedy or having them apart, I’ll be traumatized by my adventure in the BL world. 🙂

            Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply . I’m glad I found your article, it helps me a lot understanding what I miss in the translation and in the plot. I’ll be looking forward to the next chapters and your takes on them.