Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide August 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga releases schedule for August 2016 and news

Well, so much for that uber-hyped announcement on July 27th, I really thought it was something about the manga or the movie.

But it’s rather the news of an upcoming exposition of Mashima-sensei works in Tokyo Solamachi, to be held from September 17 to 25.

This will be very interesting, as it will feature Mashima-sensei original drawings and a life statue of Lucy and Natsu, all in the framework of the manga’s 10th anniversary, which is on the way to 57 volumes and 35 million copies.

fairy tail manga

Fairy Tail Volume 55

Due to be released on August 9, precisely next week as of this post.

Fairy Tail 55

Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers 496 – out tomorrow August 1 – titled Underway

As many of you expect, Gildarts wipes the floor with God Serena and August?!

The latter is not confirmed, but at least we know that Gildarts defeats God Serena single handedly with Empyrean technique.

This is to make Natsu and co advance and win time

Thus Mirajane faces Jacob

Rogue and Minerva against Wahl and Bradman,

And Lisana and Elfman face Ajeel, let’s see how their transformation techniques unfold

Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers 497 – titled The Winter Mage – out on August 8

In the Fairy Tail Guild, Eileen (Irene) casts a spell on Mavis, who had her thinking processes paralyzed.

Since Eileen can control matter itself, she’s extracting the Fairy Heart, but with some difficulties.


Eileen: “How pathetic to have your pride taken away like this, even your mind”

Zeref warns her of not damaging her body too much and leaves.

Meanwhile, Gildarts is wiping the floor with everyone that it’s ridiculous.

But there’s a theory running around that God Serena is immortal?


Neinhart appears and reported Eileen that she has found an Erza

Apparenty, Eileen orders him to kill her with every means that he has.

And Natsu fights Inver, who froze Romeo, and also everyone in the guild using God’s Bellow power.

But Natsu’s flame is frozen. Gray is the only one who can face him.

Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers 498 – titled ‘Gray vs Inver’ – out on August 22

There are rumors of a double chapter special before the big event of chapter 500.

Maybe major battles until a great revelation or development happens in 500.

Update August 21: This week we have the long awaited fight and plenty of Gray/Juvia moments!

Turns out that Inver is a pure Ice Mage, but it’s not like he can create ice himself.

Gray: “I’m willing to turn evil for the sake of this guild!”

Natsu: “A-ha! Well said”

Brandish uses her magic to gain massive size and picks up Natsu, Lucy and Happy. Her intentions are still to guess.

But Juvia and Gray are chained together and imprisioned by Inver with the Ice Lock technique.

One can’t break free without killing the other.

Juvia is losing consciousness, she’s willing to give her life so Gray can break free!

fairy tail 498

Inver says that the one meant to defeat END is actually Gray and the darkness within him.

We have a neko Lucy on the cover.


Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers 499 – out on August 29

A tragedy on the horizon?

Update August 26:

The images pretty much speak for themselves, let me see if I can get something more:

Fairy Tail manga spoiler 499

fairy tail spoiler 499

 It looks like Juvia’s sacrifice is for real, she loses control of her powers because she didn’t want to listen to Gray, the chains shatter because her heart stops beating

However, could that  be precisely a way to cheat Inver’s technique? Let’s try to look at it this way.

There’s also a tidbit floating around that because Gray’s heart is contaminated, he learns who END is.

Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers 500 – TBA

Let’s expect big things on this one! It will be a 31 page chapter, according to the rumors.

Well, supposedly we learn the connection between Natsu and Rakheid. 

Other possibility is that Natsu could be revealed as END, according to some theories, but I bet that there’s more to it.