Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide July 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga news for July 2016

fairy tail manga

Not much news lately as we approach the summer season, however, the manga it’s at its peak.

There’s been some ramblings on the manga ending, but I really doubt it for now.

On the new anime and the upcoming movie there’s nothing new yet.

However, there’s news of who will be the cast for the English dubbed version of the latest Blu-ray releases

Important News on July 27

The latest edition of Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha (34) indicated that there will be an important announcement on July 27, the date that the 35th edition comes out, which is also the 10th anniversary of the manga.

Could it be the end of the manga? a new special arc? more news about the movie?

My bet is a special chapter that sets the ending of the manga in 2017, let’s see what happens

Fairy Tail 492 spoilers – titled “Elder Sister and Little Sister” – out on July 4th

The chaos after the Brexit , I mean, the magic that Eileen pulled off, continues.

Mirajane was fighting the entire team of Eileen subordinates, plus Hypne and Juliet, having a hard time.

However, she unleashes an ultimate ability that she acquired while being in Tartaros

Until Eileen herself appears behind her.

fairy tail manga spoiler 492

There’s a hilarious moment between Zera and Gajeel

Zera is sorta embarrased because everyone’s freaking out after hearing her voice

Gajeel: “You’re being too solemn, can’t you do it in a cuter way?”

This seems more like a transition chapter, things get heated up next week, with a fight between Eileen and Mira and and unexpected twist!

Fairy Tail 493 spoilers – titled White Dragneel! – out on July 11th

Update July 9th: there’s Lucy, Juvia and Virgo on the cover and a omake moment!

Mirajane gets seriously battered by Eileen, crucifying her on a rock

Then August fires a beam that stabs her

Brandish reappears, but it’s not like she can do anything

Mira falls to the ground, presumably dead

And we finally see the latest of the Spriggan 12, like the REAL REAL deal

fairy tail spoiler 493

His name is Rakkeid Dragneel

oh boy o.o

Fairy Tail 494 spoilers – The Hill Towards Tomorrow – out on July 16th

After Prime Minister David Cameron submitted his resignation, I mean Zeref confronts Mavis

Zeref: “It’s been 100 years from the last time we met”

Mavis: “Actually, it’s been 95 years”

We got Mavis on the cover this time

fairy tail manga 494

Mavis needs certain conditions to be fulfilled to finally defeat Zeref

But her body is frozen by Invel

Zeref is against it and Invel reverts his spell, but instead places a mind binding chain on her.

This is quite a WTF chapter

Zeref tells Mavis to follow him, and since she can’t think, her body just moves. She witness a terrifying sight as Fairy Tail has been completely taken over by Alvarez army.

Dimaria is alive and finds Brandish, she hugs her, and Brandish has a WTF expression as this chapter and everyone reading this manga.

Mavis in her state witnesses August and Rakheid

Zeref tells her that Rakheid DRAGNEEL was his ultimate weapon

Ok… o.o

By the way, Neinhart, Wahl, Bradman, God Serena are alive!

Eileen is about to remove Fairy Heart from Mavis!

So it was all a setup from the beginning!

Somehow something doesn’t fit here

Cut to Erza, as Lucy and the others are sleeping, she wonders if it’s the last dawn they’ll see

Natsu: We’ll take the Guild back!

Fairy Tail 495 spoilers –  TBA – out on July 25th?

There’s a special cover this week celebrating the 10th anniversary.

fairy tail manga spoiler 495

Natsu is hungry

But everyone gathers to launch an attack plan

Happy is ready to give his life is necessary, he recalls Zeref words, that if he dies, so does Natsu

It’s more like a reflection/transition chapter, but in the last panels Gildarts reappears as Natsu begins battling some Alvarez fodder!

Gildarts brings down God Serena easily as the troll character he was always meant to be! as if nothing!

Gildarts is also hungry o.o

Let’s await for the July 27 announcement

See you on next month’s guide! 😀 I’ll post the link here when ready!

Title for 496: Underway