Bleach manga spoilers guide June 2016 + news

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Bleach manga spoilers chapter 677- titled Horn of Salvation 2

A-ha, I waited till the last minute to avoid getting slashed by Kubo-sensei and ending up giving you misinformation, which technically isn’t so.

Kubo-sensei himself has admitted in interviews that he doesn’t have an established plan when working on his story.

So when his assistants leak out the information, that is probably a discarded development until we hit the real thing.

Seemingly, Hirako will make his appearance in the Gerard fight, but that has been delayed in favor of Ichigo vs Yhwach.

However, apparently Ichigo has so much power that it atracts Gerard’s attention.

Maybe such release of power could free Aizen? is this what they’re hinting at?

Let’s wait a few more hours…

Update June 9: you’re probably reading it by now

Ichigo’s Gran Rey Cero created by his dual wielded sword hits Yhwach left shoulder, but he’s unharmed.

Yhwach frustration is that he can even read Ichigo’s thoughts every time their sword clash.

So that’s the true extent of Yhwach power, not so much his Zan or Reiatsu, he’s virtually undefeatable, then?

It makes more sense that Aizen was originally seeking such power because he could finally become the God of Heavens

Well, it turns out that Yhwach has two swords , so they’ll fight evenly.

Ichigo gets stabbed in the feet.

Yhwach practically tells him his weakness: “the future can be changed”

But he stabs Ichigo in the chest

He proceeds to explain on how the future is like sand grains, and then he talks about hope, how it is merely jumping from one grain of sand to another.

So he actually wants to be defeated by Ichigo.

Ichigo: “up till this moment, I have surpassed despair, kicked it in the teeth, but up until now …”

He screams Bankai and another transformation will ensue.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 678- seemingly titled Horn of Salvation 3

Speculation (updated June 15):

Ichigo’s bankai is named Tenkusari Zangetsu

It is apparently a fusion of old and new eras of Zangetsu

Yhwach is mistified because it somehow coincides with his vision of classic Huecomundo arc Ichigo defeating him.

However, he explains that his ability is not only to foresee the future, but also bend it at his will.

Well, let’s see :/

Word is that the reason we haven’t gotten back to the Gerard fight is because Kubo-sensei was feeling blocked all these days.

Let’s see if there’s something new tomorrow.

Because either:

a- Hirako appears

b- Aizen is freed

c- Let’s not forget either Uryuu’s fight.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 679

Update June 23 (speculation):

It seems that Ishida has the key to what could be Yhwach power to “see” the future and “change” it

It’s a very Quincy thing that Ichigo currently doesn’t understand

But Yhwach uses this to his advantage

Ichigo keeps despairing as Yhwach is about to absorb his power

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 680 – TBA