Naruto Quiz: Which shinobi are you?

Naruto Quiz: Which character are you?

This Naruto quiz is based on the male characters of the series, to see which one do you identify the most.

I tried to make the questions as cryptic and less obvious as possible 😛 Either way, have fun!






Naruto is a series that created not only bonds between characters, but also a special relationship and feeling between the fans and the characters.

It’s inevitable that you feel something for Haku, the life that Kisame had to endure, Naruto’s loneliness, Sasuke’s despair.

But maybe you feel like letting things drag out and just look at the skies, like Shikamaru.

Either way, we all have something from each character, and that’s what makes the series so special, despite some arguable faults, like every storyline.

naruto quiz


  • Natsu

    …. I got the complete opposite of me… Twice…

    • Toki Nakamura

      which one did you get?

      depending on the day and mood, I either get Naruto or Shikamaru

      • Natsu

        Shikamaru and Sauske(However you spell that lol)

  • Random dude

    I think I may be misunderstanding the characters, first, I answered for myself expecting shikamaru, but got sasuke. Then I answered for what I expect naruto would say, but I got shikamaru… what? lol

    • Toki Nakamura

      haha that’s the thing, maybe you really are Sasuke

  • William Baez

    Shino, it’s okay I guess.

  • Flossy Stardoll

    I got Gaara… I wanted to get Sasuke (Close enough)