Sailor Moon Cosplay (1)

You’ll be surprised on the level of realism achieved by these cosplayers!

With the variety of materials available today and at affordable prices, the premade suits and the magic of digital photography, it’s easier than ever to get the exact look you want.

I originally thought that doing a good Sailor Moon cosplay would be as difficult as Saint Seiya cosplay, but it turns out that with the right effort the results can be spectacular!

The materials can be diverse but getting the right look is what makes the difference.

However, would this quality be enough for say, a live action movie? The problem is that it has been proven that manga doesn’t translate well to the big screen.

But why think of the big screen in the first place? Why not think of an independent short?



sm_cosplay30 sailor moon cosplay

sailor moon cosplay

sailor moon cosplay

sailor moon cosplay





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