Controversy: Gundam creator slams Attack on Titan as crude and pornographic



Considering the incredible hype that the series is getting lately and the success of the anime, Gundam creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, had  some quite contradictory words to praise and slam Hajime Isayama’s work.

He indicated that while it’s great that the Attack on Titan author based his experiences as a bullied child to create the concept of the giants, the artwork is just too crude and grotesque, bordering on pornography.

Tomino elaborated further that he feels that the violent and grotesque depictions are on the same level as pornography and he doesn’t even want to talk about Attack on Titan, let alone read it.

Well, it would be easy to dismiss his claims as jealousy, but this is someone with far more experience that Isayama, so he wouldn’t feel threatened by another author’s hype or success.  Besides, Gundam and Attack on Titan are not even of the same genre (unless you buy the theory that Attack on Titan is a mecha in disguise, huh?) 

But there’s definitely a point in that the art has gotten too bad lately, especially in the last volumes where you don’t even get a sense of which character is which. The story and premises are great, but is it that hard to find a partner to draw your story? Just like in Bakuman? 


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