Discovering Boys Love: Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai manga review and spoilers

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai Manga Review

Welcome once more to the Nyaa! Romantsu! Section!

If you haven’t read this jewel of a yaoi manga, it’s time you do, since it’s in its final volume.

Even if you’re familiar with the works of Yoneda Kou (NightS), the first chapter of what apparently was a series of experimental one shots in 2011 (Don’t Stay Gold, Tadayoedo Shizumazu, Saredo Naki mo Sezu) about a very damaged and broken, vulnerable young boy like Yashiro, will suck you into his world of lust and despair, sex addicted horny neko uke delight and misery.

All going together, dancing madly.

Because Yashiro is not your regular tsundere uke.

saezuru tori wa habatakanai


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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide September 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga release guide and news

While the long-awaited and hyped chapter 500 is here, as part of the manga’s 10th anniversary, the news on the new anime season and upcoming movie are completely stalled.

Fairy Tail spoilers chapter 500 – titled ‘Burn 500 times’ – to be out tomorrow September 5

The color spread page is superb as always


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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide August 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga releases schedule for August 2016 and news

Well, so much for that uber-hyped announcement on July 27th, I really thought it was something about the manga or the movie.

But it’s rather the news of an upcoming exposition of Mashima-sensei works in Tokyo Solamachi, to be held from September 17 to 25.

This will be very interesting, as it will feature Mashima-sensei original drawings and a life statue of Lucy and Natsu, all in the framework of the manga’s 10th anniversary, which is on the way to 57 volumes and 35 million copies.

fairy tail manga

Fairy Tail Volume 55

Due to be released on August 9, precisely next week as of this post.

Fairy Tail 55

Fairy Tail Manga Spoilers 496 – out tomorrow August 1 – titled Underway

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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide July 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga news for July 2016

fairy tail manga

Not much news lately as we approach the summer season, however, the manga it’s at its peak.

There’s been some ramblings on the manga ending, but I really doubt it for now.

On the new anime and the upcoming movie there’s nothing new yet.

However, there’s news of who will be the cast for the English dubbed version of the latest Blu-ray releases

Important News on July 27

The latest edition of Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha (34) indicated that there will be an important announcement on July 27, the date that the 35th edition comes out, which is also the 10th anniversary of the manga.

Could it be the end of the manga? a new special arc? more news about the movie?

My bet is a special chapter that sets the ending of the manga in 2017, let’s see what happens

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Bleach manga spoilers guide June 2016 + news

(news to come soon)

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 677- titled Horn of Salvation 2

A-ha, I waited till the last minute to avoid getting slashed by Kubo-sensei and ending up giving you misinformation, which technically isn’t so.

Kubo-sensei himself has admitted in interviews that he doesn’t have an established plan when working on his story.

So when his assistants leak out the information, that is probably a discarded development until we hit the real thing.

Seemingly, Hirako will make his appearance in the Gerard fight, but that has been delayed in favor of Ichigo vs Yhwach.

However, apparently Ichigo has so much power that it atracts Gerard’s attention.

Maybe such release of power could free Aizen? is this what they’re hinting at?

Let’s wait a few more hours…

Update June 9: you’re probably reading it by now

Ichigo’s Gran Rey Cero created by his dual wielded sword hits Yhwach left shoulder, but he’s unharmed.

Yhwach frustration is that he can even read Ichigo’s thoughts every time their sword clash.

So that’s the true extent of Yhwach power, not so much his Zan or Reiatsu, he’s virtually undefeatable, then?

It makes more sense that Aizen was originally seeking such power because he could finally become the God of Heavens

Well, it turns out that Yhwach has two swords , so they’ll fight evenly.

Ichigo gets stabbed in the feet.

Yhwach practically tells him his weakness: “the future can be changed”

But he stabs Ichigo in the chest

He proceeds to explain on how the future is like sand grains, and then he talks about hope, how it is merely jumping from one grain of sand to another.

So he actually wants to be defeated by Ichigo.

Ichigo: “up till this moment, I have surpassed despair, kicked it in the teeth, but up until now …”

He screams Bankai and another transformation will ensue.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 678- seemingly titled Horn of Salvation 3

Speculation (updated June 15):

Ichigo’s bankai is named Tenkusari Zangetsu

It is apparently a fusion of old and new eras of Zangetsu

Yhwach is mistified because it somehow coincides with his vision of classic Huecomundo arc Ichigo defeating him.

However, he explains that his ability is not only to foresee the future, but also bend it at his will.

Well, let’s see :/

Word is that the reason we haven’t gotten back to the Gerard fight is because Kubo-sensei was feeling blocked all these days.

Let’s see if there’s something new tomorrow.

Because either:

a- Hirako appears

b- Aizen is freed

c- Let’s not forget either Uryuu’s fight.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 679

Update June 23 (speculation):

It seems that Ishida has the key to what could be Yhwach power to “see” the future and “change” it

It’s a very Quincy thing that Ichigo currently doesn’t understand

But Yhwach uses this to his advantage

Ichigo keeps despairing as Yhwach is about to absorb his power

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 680 – TBA










Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide June 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga and anime News June 2016

fairy tail manga

The 3rd anime season to premiere on January 2017?

As summer approaches, speculation continues on when the new anime season will premiere.

January 2017 seems a likely date to avoid separating from the manga too much.

Meanwhile, we have the trailer of the upcoming OVAs:

The first one, titled “Yousei-tachi no Batsu Game“, will ship with volume 55 that will be available on August 9

As you know, it is the adaptation of the one-shot of the same name.

Then, with volumes 56 and 58 it will ship the OVAs titled “Natsu vs Mavis” and “Yousei-tachi no Christmas“.

The first one is about Mavis being depressed and the Guild will try to motivate her, and the second is about everyone spending Christmas in Lucy’s home.

Volume 55 sales have been doing very good, according to the Oricon report for May, selling 200,000 copies easily.

Fairy Tail manga Spoilers 488- titled “A couple” (the Two of Us)

Gajeel further confesses to Levy before he ‘s swallowed by the Hades, beautiful moments

fairy tail manga 488 spoilers

Gajeel: I always wanted the two of us to be together… Losing our future is the kind of scary thing I never thought would happen…
Levy: Gajeel…
Gajeel: I give my future to you…
Levy: No…
Gajeel: As I have used every minute of mine…

Levy and Lilly cry.

I don’t know, but I don’t think he’s dead.

Meanwhile, back to Eileen (Irene) vs Acnologia!

Finaly a serious fight!

fairy tail manga

Even Acnologia finds her power interesting.

Back to Brandish and co.

Metsu manipulated Brandish to stab August.

Oh boy, just the best way to trample negotations. Natsu freaks the fuck out and goes over him

Natsu: What have you done!!!????

fairy tail manga spoiler 488

Old man is pissed

Fairy Tail manga chapter 489 Spoilers – the Universe as One – out on June 13

So the countdown ends, let’s see Irene, Acnologia and August power unleashed!

Synopsis update June 12:

August pulverizes everyone in sight!!

August: Dissolve!!!

Everyone: wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Meanwhile, we get back to Kana and Mavis. Kana uses her ultimate power, Fairy Glitter, to finally destroy and release Mavis original body.

Kana: Are you alright!? First!

fairy tail manga spoilers 489

Mavis: My muscles are shriveling. I cannot move my body well.

Then, the fight between Acnologia and Irene finally begins!

Irene’s power is adding magic in the form of substance to all objects, that’s why Zeref could perceive the change of atmosphere.

It is also insinuated that Irene could actually be stronger than old man August.

Even Acnologia is a bit amused.

Acnologia: “What’s this… I don’t know this magic”

Irene “Yes, it’s a magic that did not exist in 400 years ago or before, it’s a magic of a New Era”

Zeref feels it, he says: “Could she be using THAT spell? World Reconstruction Magic, the UNIVERSE AS ONE??”

fairy tail manga

Yeah, she’s pulling a Nagato(Pain) from Naruto

Again his face is priceless

Fairy Tail chapter 490 Spoilers – out on June 20 – titled Fairy Tail Zero

This chapter could be about the aftermath and the beginning of all things.

Update June 19:

What Eileen wants to pull is basically a Madara, so she can take over the world

But then why would she give the advantage to Zeref to get closer to the Fairy Heart?

She used World Relocation magic on Fiore and shrunk it to 1/20 of its size.

That’s why Mavis wakes up, fully clothed, in her original body

She finds Zeref in the tavern

Zeref is also confused with the situation

Lucy wakes up in the woods, but notices the strange change of setting, she’s being carried by Natsu (a cute Nalu moment)

It’s Grey and Juvia looking for Erza, Wendy is alive and looking for the others

It could have been that Eileen altered the magic particles of object so they did a time travel per se

GAJEEL is alive and he meets Zera in the midst of the Chaos!

No spoiler pic yet, only that Eileen is on the cover.

Fairy Tail chapter 491 Spoilers – out on June 27 – seemingly titled Mother and Child

Could be something about Eileen and Erza? something related to that crazy spoiler I got a long ago?

(Update June 26): there’s not much this week, but it’s definitely telling that when Eileen (Irene) oversees the entire kingdom with one of her eyes, she notices a streak of scarlet hair (Erza lying on the ground??)

Gajeel talks to Zera, who has been revived

If Mavis remembers her again, she’ll disappear

Zera tells everyone telepathically that they need to gather together to protect the guild, and that Mavis in a sense is like their mother.

So yes, apparently Mavis has amnesia.

On another scene, Juliet and Heine want to kill Mirajane.

Fairy Tail chapter 492 Spoilers – out on July 4 – seemingly titled Elder and Younger Sister

see you on next month’s spoiler guide! 😀

Update July 2: here’s the Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide July 2016 




Bleach manga spoilers guide May 2016 + news

Bleach manga release dates May 2016 + news roundup + spoilers

bleach manga

If Bleach anime ever returns, could you imagine this guy’s voice?

Nothing new under the sun, sales for the manga have reportedly gone down on April.

Apparently the competition from One Punch Man has been tough, since it’s the new hot thing with a successful anime.

And certain developments may hint that Kubo-sensei can be beginning to wrap things up.

Will Bleach end on a low note?

It will probably go down with a Kenpachi smile. And the HUGEST TROLL moment in the story of manga.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 673 – released on May 12

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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide May 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga release dates + news round-up May 2016 + spoilers

While we await more news on the upcoming anime season and the movie, Mashima-sensei drew Civil War posters, authorized by Marvel in order to promote the movie in Japan. Quite a smart strategy.


Can’t help but imagine that Erza is in the Iron Man suit.

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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide April 2016 + news

No, the anime didn’t necessarily end.

With the manga at its highest point, an upcoming theatre adaptation, and the upcoming movie, I think that for once the studio simply doesn’t see the point in putting out fillers that people may not necessarily like.

What people want is the real deal, the canon, right?

Fairy Tail News April 2016 round-up

fairy tail manga

credit to kyuubii9 from deviantart

As you know, Kodansha Weekly Shonen magazine announced a new anime project in the works in its issue of March 23, but didn’t provide much details.

My best guess is a return of the anime in October, plus the new movie.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail Gaiden: Rhodonite ended on March 30 and there will be a new spin-off focused on Laxus.

The date is still unknown but this is sure to be exciting!

Another exciting development is of course the upcoming Fairy Tail Stage Play from April 30th to May 9th in Ikebukuro Theatre in Tokyo. Here’s the poster:

fairy tail stage play poster

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Bleach manga spoilers guide March 2016 + speculation + news

Bleach manga news and speculation March 2016

bleach manga - anime urahara

Update May 8: here’s the latest May Spoilers 2016 guide, along with a synopsis for the April chapters

Since last year, there have been rumors of the return of the anime series, but so far there’s nothing concrete yet.

While nostalgia may play a factor, thing is that the manga’s sales have been less than stellar and from a business standpoint, that wouldn’t justify an anime return for the studio .

However, would the possibility of OVAs to give closure to the series be viable?

There’s been reports that while manga sales have been dwindling, volume sales have been fairly steady, which means that there’s still interest in the series.

It’s not definitely HunterxHunter’s case.

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