Naruto Shippuden anime November 2014 schedule

Naruto Shippuden anime November 2014 schedule

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s really late to post this in the middle of November already.

However, after living the hype of the manga’s end, which I thought it was properly and cleverly done by Kishimoto to provide something to almost satisfy every shipper out there.

And the good news is that the anime won’t be cancelled anytime next year, meaning it will go on, maybe with some special canon spinoffs and fillerology till 2016 at least.

Hey, maybe the anime can turn into a Gintama-style show? One can dream. If done well, they keep milking the cash cow and we get a few more years of Naruto. Everybody wins.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen, we get a bit a fillerology and past moments to fill empty minute slots as the main battle against Obito keeps going, with Naruto and Sasuke giving everything on a ridiculously epic scale.

obito the jinchuriki by boybushin d6cseu1 300x135 Naruto Shippuden anime November 2014 schedule

Episode 385 “Obito Uchiha” (うちはオビト) November 6, 2014
Episode 386 “I’m Always Watching” (ちゃんと見てる) November 13, 2014
Episode 387 “The Promise That Was Kept” (守られた約束) November 20, 2014
Episode 388 “My First Friend” (最初の友) November 27, 2014

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Fairy tail cosplay: part 1

Fairy Tail Cosplay: uniqueness is key

The diversity and uniqueness of each character is what enables these great photoshoots and the sky is the limit with additional Photoshop effects.

If with Akatsuki cosplay diversity or differentiation was the key for everyone wearing red cloud cloaks, here is more about how each character looks and differs from each other in a very special way.

4542d72e9b0853ca51634d22f69cfc07 d7jnp4v Fairy tail cosplay: part 1

Thus materials and textures for the clothing can vary, but one thing remains constant: the hair. You can go the easy route and buy a wig from your nearest cosplay clothing provider or dye it yourself for the sake of art, realism and fun!

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Attack on Titan manga sales soared in September in the US

Attack on Titan manga volume 13 is number 2 in Nielsen’s BookScan

The 13th volume of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga ranked #2 on Nielsen BookScan’s Top 20 Graphic Novel chart for September. The volume previously ranked #8 in August, followed closely by Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D and One Piece.

Naruto didn’t have much steam last month but most likely it will go up in the ranks in the upcoming months with the impact of the release of the  upcoming movie and the new season, which began this week.

SnK   Manga Volume 13 Attack on Titan manga sales soared in September in the US

Source: ANN and ICv2

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Status update for my Superman manga October 2014

Why I’ve taken so long in working on my Superman manga

It’s been 6 months since I published Chapter 0, which explains a part of the origins, and now I’m on the verge of finishing chapter 1, which begins 3 years later and Clark is in high school.

These screenshots are from the lineart phase, but I’m currently working on screentones and giving the final touches.

The worst struggle I’ve faced so far is finding TIME and establishing a proper continuity that lets me work on pages everyday. But my day job constantly kept piling up and up, and I was able to only draw on weekends which was frustrating.

No wonder Masami Kurumada said that Saint Seiya is autobiographical, that is about him facing the battles of everyday life, falling, being thrashed to a wall, trying to get up to continue drawing. Anyone who loves drawing manga can relate to this, because you either have to work, go to college, pay the bills, make ends meet and even if you were Japanese living in Japan, a mangaka is not exactly a high paying occupation, unless your name is Eichiro Oda, Tite Kubo or Masashi Kishimoto.

But you can be assured that I will continue working no matter what it takes and my artwork will keep improving as I work on the chapters, stay tuned and thank you for reading! ^^

screenshot5 1024x654 Status update for my Superman manga October 2014

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Naruto Shippuden anime October 2014 schedule

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule for October 2014

minato namikaze 300x187 Naruto Shippuden anime October 2014 schedule

Minato on that fated day…if only he knew he was really facing Obito, who everyone thought dead

So this month we have full canon, but there’s also the expectation about what’s currently going on in the manga and the upcoming movie, which seems to mark a upcoming second timeskip?

Shouldn’t the manga end at this point? There’s been plenty of discussion over if a second timeskip would be viable, of course, it seems the idea is to milk the cashcow while you can, but we all know this can go in detriment of the story.

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Loveless manga resumes this Fall and is slated to end in 2 or 3 volumes

Loveless manga to end at volume 15?

loveless v02 ch01 pg 001 698x1024 Loveless manga resumes this Fall and is slated to end in 2 or 3 volumes

This is the cover of volume 10, Kouga’s style is probably the most expressionistic in the history of manga itself, and in terms of design, she’s on par with Shingo Araki.

With the 12th volume of this classic psychological manga by author Yun Kouga published last December by Ichijinsha, the Loveless  FAN BOOK  has just been released this week.

The Fan Book includes an interview with Kouga, in which she indicated that while the series, that began to be serialized in 2001, was initially slated to have just 5 volumes, it will end in 2 or 3 volumes, starting this Fall.

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Attack on Titan author: manga will end in 3 years

Attack on Titan author Isayama slated to end his story in a high note

attack on titan 225x300 Attack on Titan author: manga will end in 3 years

The cover of the upcoming volume 14

According to an interview published on  Da Vinci culture magazine, Attack on Titan author, Hajime Isayama, indicated that originally he had planned 16 volumes, but that the series is now scheduled to end at volume 20, meaning in 3 years.

And his editor, Shintarō Kawakubo, said this year, “The serialization is slated to end in three to four years.” Unless the money is in the spinoff after the main manga ends?

Frankly I hope the author sticks to this, because the commentary lately has been how authors Tite Kubo and Masashi Kishimoto should have ended their respective series, Bleach and Naruto Shippuden years ago, despite indicating the contrary years earlier.

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Fall Season 2014 preview: Akatsuki no Yona anime premieres on October 7

Akatsuki no Yona anime adaptation of the manga by Mizuho Kusanagi

The adaptation of the manga published in Hana to Yume magazine by Hakusensha will premiere on October 7, with plenty of good buzz around it. Hope it doesn’t turn the other way around.

There’s also a drama CD shipping with the latest manga volume, number 15, on September 19.

So far so good, the character designs are top notch, and the animation quality look great with a bit of old school. The fantasy elements and how they are portrayed are refreshing.

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Naruto Shippuden anime schedule September 2014

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule for  September 2014: full swing but with a mecha special!

The battle continues with Madara and the Jyubii in full swing! People keep doubting Sasuke, but internally he is bent on his will to change this corrupt ninja system! We get more cool scenes and moments between Naruto and his Dad!

However, there is a mecha filler of Naruto this upcoming week. Well, they need to sell the videogame, I guess ^^’ They couldn’t avoid it. Otherwise there should be no more fillers.

1395057186914 300x192 Naruto Shippuden anime schedule September 2014

Yes, Psycho!


Episode 375 “Kakashi vs. Obito” (カカシVSオビト)  -September 4, 2014
Episode 376 “The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!” (九尾強奪指令) -September 11, 2014
Episode 377 “The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!, part 2 (special)”- September 11, 2014
Episode 378 “The Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails” (十尾の人柱力)- September 18, 2014
Episode 379 “An Opening” (突破口) -September 25, 2014

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Akatsuki cosplay: differentiation is the key

Akatsuki cosplay

The threat and the mystery that Akatsuki represented and the heart breaking story of each member of this infamous elite, rogue, nuke level ninja clan is an important part of what makes Naruto a classic manga.

Plus, group cosplay is always fun with friends!

In this case, it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, everyone just plays a role, puts a pose and good photography does the rest.

The Akatsuki robes are fairly easy to get, probably you get a discount if you buy wholesale.

The most important thing is the hair, either using wigs or dying it, as long as everyone looks well differentiated on which character are they playing.

I would put more emphasis on accessories, such as the rings, and painted fingernails.

If you get pale makeup, sorta aiming for a gothic look, it would be perfect too.


2012 03 26 23 34 16 657.622x621 Akatsuki cosplay: differentiation is the key 1627548 Akatsuki cosplay: differentiation is the key

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