Bleach manga spoilers guide May 2016 + news

Bleach manga release dates May 2016 + news roundup + spoilers

bleach manga

If Bleach anime ever returns, could you imagine this guy’s voice?

Nothing new under the sun, sales for the manga have reportedly gone down on April.

Apparently the competition from One Punch Man has been tough, since it’s the new hot thing with a successful anime.

And certain developments may hint that Kubo-sensei can be beginning to wrap things up.

Will Bleach end on a low note?

It will probably go down with a Kenpachi smile. And the HUGEST TROLL moment in the story of manga.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 673 – released on May 12

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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide May 2016 + news

Fairy Tail manga release dates + news round-up May 2016 + spoilers

While we await more news on the upcoming anime season and the movie, Mashima-sensei drew Civil War posters, authorized by Marvel in order to promote the movie in Japan. Quite a smart strategy.


Can’t help but imagine that Erza is in the Iron Man suit.

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Fairy Tail manga spoiler guide April 2016 + news

No, the anime didn’t necessarily end.

With the manga at its highest point, an upcoming theatre adaptation, and the upcoming movie, I think that for once the studio simply doesn’t see the point in putting out fillers that people may not necessarily like.

What people want is the real deal, the canon, right?

Fairy Tail News April 2016 round-up

fairy tail manga

credit to kyuubii9 from deviantart

As you know, Kodansha Weekly Shonen magazine announced a new anime project in the works in its issue of March 23, but didn’t provide much details.

My best guess is a return of the anime in October, plus the new movie.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail Gaiden: Rhodonite ended on March 30 and there will be a new spin-off focused on Laxus.

The date is still unknown but this is sure to be exciting!

Another exciting development is of course the upcoming Fairy Tail Stage Play from April 30th to May 9th in Ikebukuro Theatre in Tokyo. Here’s the poster:

fairy tail stage play poster

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Bleach manga spoilers guide March 2016 + speculation + news

Bleach manga news and speculation March 2016

bleach manga - anime urahara

Update May 8: here’s the latest May Spoilers 2016 guide, along with a synopsis for the April chapters

Since last year, there have been rumors of the return of the anime series, but so far there’s nothing concrete yet.

While nostalgia may play a factor, thing is that the manga’s sales have been less than stellar and from a business standpoint, that wouldn’t justify an anime return for the studio .

However, would the possibility of OVAs to give closure to the series be viable?

There’s been reports that while manga sales have been dwindling, volume sales have been fairly steady, which means that there’s still interest in the series.

It’s not definitely HunterxHunter’s case.

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Naruto Shippuden Itachi Shinden anime schedule March 2016 + news

Naruto Shippuden episode release dates for March 2016 – Itachi Shinden Special

It was quite tempting to title this post ‘Itachi Shippuden’, because this is what we will get for the next two months or so.

naruto shippuden itachi shinden

Maybe turning the show into Itachi Shippuden was his goal all along? or a ‘Thank you’ note from Studio Pierrot for helping them with the Eternal Tsukiyomi Fillerology Rinne no Jutsu? o.o

After that, who knows what will happen.

Episode 451 “Birth and Death” (生まれる命、死ぬ命) March 3, 2016
Episode 452 “The Genius” (異才) March 10, 2016
Episode 453 “Pain of Life” (命の痛み) March 17, 2016
Episode 454 “Shisui’s Request” (シスイの依頼) March 24, 2016

Not that I mind an Itachi special, since he’s pretty much one of the most memorable and popular characters in anime history, and it’s great to have his backstory explained, as a way to clear out his name and memory.

One thing is that Studio Pierrot is playing a dangerous game by delaying canon so much, as people simply lose interest in time since they already know the outcome of the manga and how the infamous shipping wars ended.

A similar scenario that led to the cancellation of Bleach could happen.

People could just move on to other series, and the idea of ‘Naruto’ would feel passé or outdated to them, that’s the audience rebound effect, and it has been demonstrated over time how so many hiatuses and fillers kill a series.

The success of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden Anime Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 DLCseasonpacks

As of today, the game is nearly outsold after barely a month of its release, just as expected.

However, the delays in the DLC packs have annoyed everyone, with Bandai Namco only giving vague answers that there will be a total of 3, to be released in ‘the upcoming months’ :/

At least they will release the Shikamaru’s Story DLC on March 15. It’s always so great to see Kakashi as Hokage.

This first DLC will have the Hokage robes for Naruto, 10 other costumes, 10 ninja data cards, and 4 combo jutsus, among other goodies.

Based on the light novel, it’s a 3 hour scenario based on Shikamaru, filling the gap on what happened after the 4th great shinobi war.

Other issue for PC gamers have been some interface and audio errors that have been remedied with the release of the first patch.

The reviews for the game so far have been great, it’s easily being considered as the Best Fighting Game of 2016, with Street Fighter V apparently being a huge letdown.



Fairy Tail anime schedule March 2016 + news + manga spoilers 475

Fairy Tail Episode release dates for March 2016

fairy tail anime - mavis

So far this saga has been great, doesn’t feel fillery, not for one bit, it’s more like an extended flashback that actually does have something to do with the main story.

Episode 269 “Dancing with Blades”  (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 刃と踊る)   March 4, 2016
Episode 270 “Moonlit Lake” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 月明かりの湖)    March 11, 2016
Episode 271 “Blue Skull” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 青い髑髏)    March 18, 2016
Episode 272 “Conveyer of Magic” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 魔道を伝える者)  March 25, 2016

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Fairy Tail anime schedule February 2016 + news + manga spoilers

Fairy Tail anime episode release dates February 2016


fairy tail anime

All your doubts and fears can be put to rest as this is boding already to be a great year for this series.

This month we continue with Fairy Tail Zero saga as expected.

Episode 270 “Moonlit Lake” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 月明かりの湖) February 6, 2016 —
Episode 271 “Blue Skull” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 青い髑髏) February 13, 2016
Episode 272     “Conveyer of Magic (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 魔道を伝える者)           February 20
Episode 273        “Treasure Hunt”   (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 宝物)        February 27

More details on upcoming Fairy Tail Stage Play Adaptation

There’s plenty of great buzz already on this upcoming stage adaptation directed by Akiko Kodama (Naruto stage play), with plenty of speculation on how the female cast will look *ahem*

However, there will be great abs too.

Scheduled to premiere on April 30, all the way through May 9, at Ikebukuro Theatre in Tokyo, here’s Natsu’s first look!

fairy tail anime stage adaptation

D-BOYS’ Shuuto Miyazaki

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Naruto Shippuden anime schedule February 2016 and news

Naruto Shippuden anime episode release dates February 2016

naruto shippude anime - ultimate ninja storm 4

Let’s get ready for canon!

Believe it or not, this is the final month of fillerology.

Update February 20: Guys, we have been trolled again as Itachi Shinden will premiere on March 3 in the same regular timeslot as Naruto Shippuden.

So this means that we will have at least two months of Itachi Shippuden! o.o

I tell you! It’s a conspiracy! Nagato, Itachi and Studio Pierrot Ultimate Izanami Rinne Fillerology Jutsu!

This month we have the long-awaited release of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4!

Episode 447 “Another Moon” (もう一つの月) February 4, 2016
Episode 448 “Comrade” (仲間) February 11, 2016
Episode 449 “The Shinobi Unite” (忍達の共演) February 18, 2016
Episode 450 “Rival” (好敵手) February 25, 2016

Udate March 12: Here’s the March schedule

Latest details and news on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 premiere

Well, as of this writing today is the release in Japan. The US and Europe will follow soon on February 9 .

And last minute goodies and surprises are the usual.

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Assassination Classroom anime season 2 episode guide + spoilers + news 2016

Assassination classroom anime season 2 episode list

assassination classroom anime

One, if not the best series of 2015, kickstarts the second season with more hilarious, troll and tender situations between Korosensei and his students.

Episode 1 (23) – Summer Festival Time – (夏祭りの時間)  – January 7, 2016

Episode 2 (24) – Kaede Time – (カエデの時間)  – January 14, 2016

Episode 3 (25) – Itona Horibe Time – (堀部イトナの時間)  – January 21, 2016

Episode 4 (26) – Spin Time – (紡ぐ時間)  – January 28, 2016

Episode 5 (27) – TBA-  February 4, 2016

Episode 6 (28)  – TBA – February 11, 2016

Episode 8 (29)  – TBA – February 18, 2016

Episode 9 (30)  – TBA – February 25, 2016

Episode 10 (31)  – TBA – March 3, 2016

Episode 11 (32)  – TBA – March 10, 2016

Episode 12 (33)  – TBA – March 17, 2016

Episode 13 (34)  – TBA – March 24, 2016 – (end of season)

(It’s highly likely that they will greenlight another set of 13 episodes to cover Spring 2016, we would just need official confirmation)

 News – January 2016

Assassination classroom coming to Nintendo 3DS

Due to be released on March 4, Bamdai Namco has published on its website a new trailer of the upcoming 3DS game titled Assassination Classroom: Assassin raising project!

In the game, you’re just another student at Class 3-E and of course you need to formulate your plan to kill Koro-sensei, as you struggle through homework and tests with Nagisa :3 as your friend, and Karuma as your trainer.

Here’s a preview of the game’s interface, courtesy of Siliconera:

assassination classroom anime

The premise can’t be more simple and fun!

It will have a retail price of $47 and it will have bonus features such as special themes and seemingly wardrobe options for Koro-sensei.

Assassination classroom live-action movie sequel to premiere on March 25

Following the success of the first movie and set to premiere on March 25, there’s great expectation for it already.

Titled the Graduation chapter (Sotsugyo-hen) the storyline features the love story between the God of Death and Yukimura.

Ryosuke Yamada reprises his role as Nagisa, as well as the other actors playing the students.

Assassination Classroom manga and DVD/BD releases

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) Volume 8

Due to be released on February 2, 2016

assassination classroom anime

With a preorder price of only $6.49, it covers the Three Assassins arc.

Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) Set 1 and Set 2, only English Dub

And finally there’s some news on the upcoming Blu-Ray / DVD, but apparently it won’t have English Subs yet 🙁

Set 1 will cover the first 11 episodes, with Set 2 covering the remaining 11.

But there’s no info yet on the pricing or the release date for the US.

Since this is a relatively new series, this is to be expected.

But most likely this set will contain the special extra episode Episode 0, titled ‘Meeting Time’, with how Minister Karasuma-sensei and Koro-sensei first met.

assassination classroom anime

At least thanks to the upcoming German release, we have a good idea on how the cover of the first BD set will look like, with a price of 44 EUR. Stay tuned!

Assassination Classroom manga spoilers

Assassination Classroom spoilers chapter 173 and speculation

(title TBA -to be released on January 30)




Fairy Tail anime schedule January 2016 + news + manga spoilers

Fairy Tail anime episode release dates January 2016

fairy tail anime

This month the new anime season kickstarts and we get the anticipated premiere of Fairy Tail Zero.

Episode 266 (91) – Fairy Tail Zero Special – The Fairy in your heart (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 心の中の妖精) –  January 9

Episode 267  (92)-  “Fairy Tail Zero – The Beginning of the Adventure” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 冒険の始まり) – January 16

Episode 268 (93) –  “Treasure Hunt” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ トレジャーハント) – January 23

Episode 269 (94) – Dancing with Blades” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 刃と踊る) – January 30

It’s more likely that it will last 13 episodes before returning to the main storyline in April, after that tragedy cliffhanger.

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