Fall Season 2014 preview: Akatsuki no Yona anime premieres on October 7

Akatsuki no Yona anime adaptation of the manga by Mizuho Kusanagi

The adaptation of the manga published in Hana to Yume magazine by Hakusensha will premiere on October 7, with plenty of good buzz around it. Hope it doesn’t turn the other way around.

There’s also a drama CD shipping with the latest manga volume, number 15, on September 19.

So far so good, the character designs are top notch, and the animation quality look great with a bit of old school. The fantasy elements and how they are portrayed are refreshing.

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Naruto Shippuden anime schedule September 2014

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule for  September 2014: full swing but with a mecha special!

The battle continues with Madara and the Jyubii in full swing! People keep doubting Sasuke, but internally he is bent on his will to change this corrupt ninja system! We get more cool scenes and moments between Naruto and his Dad!

However, there is a mecha filler of Naruto this upcoming week. Well, they need to sell the videogame, I guess ^^’ They couldn’t avoid it. Otherwise there should be no more fillers.

1395057186914 300x192 Naruto Shippuden anime schedule September 2014

Yes, Psycho!


Episode 375 “Kakashi vs. Obito” (カカシVSオビト)  -September 4, 2014
Episode 376 “The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!” (九尾強奪指令) -September 11, 2014
Episode 377 “The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!, part 2 (special)”- September 11, 2014
Episode 378 “The Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails” (十尾の人柱力)- September 18, 2014
Episode 379 “An Opening” (突破口) -September 25, 2014

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Akatsuki cosplay: differentiation is the key

Akatsuki cosplay

The threat and the mystery that Akatsuki represented and the heart breaking story of each member of this infamous elite, rogue, nuke level ninja clan is an important part of what makes Naruto a classic manga.

Plus, group cosplay is always fun with friends!

In this case, it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, everyone just plays a role, puts a pose and good photography does the rest.

The Akatsuki robes are fairly easy to get, probably you get a discount if you buy wholesale.

The most important thing is the hair, either using wigs or dying it, as long as everyone looks well differentiated on which character are they playing.

I would put more emphasis on accessories, such as the rings, and painted fingernails.

If you get pale makeup, sorta aiming for a gothic look, it would be perfect too.


2012 03 26 23 34 16 657.622x621 Akatsuki cosplay: differentiation is the key 1627548 Akatsuki cosplay: differentiation is the key

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Hunter x Hunter manga has been put on indefinite hiatus: the dilemma of a mangaka

Hunter x Hunter manga author with ongoing back pain

Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter x Hunter manga has been put on indefinite hiatus: the dilemma of a mangaka1662403 wah2 300x225 Hunter x Hunter manga has been put on indefinite hiatus: the dilemma of a mangaka


According to Otakomu and ANN, Shonen Jump magazine published a statement this week that Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi won’t be able to continue his work on the series until further notice.

The manga will not be featured in the next issue on September 13, and the return date for the series has not been decided on. Once the return date is decided, the staff will post the information on the cover of the issue. The staff also notes that in order to restart the manga as soon as possible, preparations on treatment for Togashi are moving along.


This is really sad, let’s hope he recovers, but he’s also been known to take breaks due to laziness (uh…to the point that Hiramaru from Bakuman is said to be inspired in him, you know, that infamous neurotic guy that just wants to sleep and eat, and his boss had to coerce him to work with incentives).

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Angry Birds App gets manga adaptation!

Yes, it was pretty much inevitable. Based on the successful smartphone app franchise, Angry Birds App has gotten a manga adaptation by Hiyoko Katano.

The manga is titled Stella: Nana and the Magic English words and it will be published on Nakayoshi magazine by Kodansha, it is of a didactic nature, of the Shoujo and Kodomo genre (aimed to children, especially girls). Tatsuya Kimura, the teacher behind many bestselling English learning books such as Yume o Kanaeru Eitango Yumetan, is supervising the manga.

The story begins with Stella, the pink bird, and Nana, a Japanese girl.

These are the designs so far:

002 6 Angry Birds App gets manga adaptation!

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Hellsing Ultimate OVA will premiere on Toonami on September 13

hellsingOVA 300x225 Hellsing Ultimate OVA will premiere on Toonami on September 13

And some people think Edward Cullen is the sexiest thing ever….

Adult Swim, the cable and satellite network paired with Cartoon Network, announced this week that it will begin airing volumes of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA series during the popular Toonami anime block.

The action-packed, supernatural epic is set to debut on September 13 at 3:00AM ET/1:00AM CT (in the former Black Lagoon time slot).

The volumes will air in an hour-long block and will be edited to fit TV-MA broadcast standards. Hellsing Ultimate will be joining the Toonami ranks with other FUNimation Entertainment shows such as Attack on Titan, Space Dandy, One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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Psycho Pass 2 anime news and speculation (as of August 25)

Psycho Pass 2 speculation

Again, as in the first season, there’s little information on Psycho Pass 2 plot, more than a teaser trailer that was released on March of this year that had very little but strategically placed new footage.

So far, what we know is that season 2 is part of a Three Phase project, one is the remake of Season 1 a la Death Note: Rewrite, the new anime season which will premiere on October, but we still don’t know the exact day and date, and the upcoming movie, which is even more obscure. The official site only tells you of the current remake project.

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Kamisama Hajimemashita cosplay (1)

Kamisama Hajimemashita cosplay: Supernatural lightning is the key

Since this series has everyday life settings, it’s easy to do great cosplay photoshoots in urban places, or in contrast, you can go to a shrine or a natural setting, such as a lake, somewhere with a mountainous sight, helping yourself with the warm colors of the morning or even two hours before sunset.

cosplay snake and fox by yuegene d6ndiy1 300x199 Kamisama Hajimemashita cosplay (1)


kamisama hajimemashita   tomoe by omaewadare d72t0st 300x199 Kamisama Hajimemashita cosplay (1)



However, Photoshop or the editing program you use plays also its magic here with the use of filters and blending effects.

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Free! Eternal Summer HD wallpapers for download

Free! Eternal Summer HD wallpapers

There’s been an interesting phenomena this year with this series that started out as something small, but the premise of 5 cute bishonen guys shirtless all the time was eventually set to explode with the yaoi and pairing possibilities.

If anything, this series is proof that leaving things to a fujoshi’s imagination can be a very powerful thing.

collab  rin and makoto   free    by sarafabrizi d7ph5w1 1024x767 Free! Eternal Summer HD wallpapers for download

Great work by http://sarafabrizi.deviantart.com

Yes, in fact this can be even more powerful than the Moe movement that started with Lucky Star and Haruhi Suzumiya.

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