Naruto Gaiden (2015) – review + news + spoilers

Naruto Gaiden review 2015

Indeed Kishimoto-sensei left quite a lot of feelings in chapters 699-700, but he also left a lot of questions and knots that were left untied.

Naruto Gaiden: the Seventh Hokage is set out to answer partially those questions and introduce the next-gen characters, Boruto and Sarada.

Boruto and Sarada need no presentation, as they are the sons of NaruHina and SasuSaku.

Boruto seems so far like a spoiled self-entitled brat, but never the type of fugly-crazy-charismatic brat that his father was, who had a dream despite his limitations, and that’s what made you instantly root for him to win.

naruto gaiden

This was Naruto’s original premise that made me care for the character

The first thing Boruto does is to slam his father as a nonsense sprouting old man, even in the trailer for the upcoming movie. Where’s Hinata to teach him some manners too? Doesn’t Boruto know what his father went through to get to where he is?

Maybe that’s the plot: everyone sees Boruto as a spoiled brat who will never live up to his father, the Konoha Hero. He has to prove the contrary so that everybody recognizes him.

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Naruto Shippuden anime schedule May 2015 and news

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule and news for May 2015

While I await for further data on the episodes, it seems like it’s a semi-return to canon.

(Or not o.o)





naruto shippuden anime

Will the Sunshine of Youth and Love take over this month?

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Finding the best cosplay wigs online: a comprehensive guide

A guide to finding the best wigs for cosplay

Cosplays have been slowly becoming a culture and an art form in itself.

And often a key to looking the closest to your favorite character is getting quality cosplay wigs for all the characters you want to be.

Since it can be rather difficult to actually dye your hair with bleach, then tone it with that Manic Panic cotton-cloud pink color to look exactly like say, Sakura from Naruto, a good quality wig does the trick much better.

cosplay wig

Can you imagine the work it would take to dye your hair like that and making it look good??

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Naruto Shippuden schedule anime April 2015

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule April 2015

It seems they want to stretch it out with filler as much as they can with the pending release of the new Naruto gaiden and the Boruto manga, as well as the release of Naruto: the Last movie in the US. Are they in wait-and-see mode to outline their next business approach for the franchise?

naruto shippuden schedule

Episode 406 “The Place Where I Belong” (自分の居場所) April 2, 2015
Episode 407 “The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu” (山中一族・秘伝忍術) April 9, 2015
Episode 408 “The Cursed Puppet” (呪いの人形) April 16, 2015
Episode 409 “The Backs of Two People” (二人の背中) April 23, 2015
Episode 410 “The Conspiracy Movement Begins” (動き出した陰謀) April 30, 2015

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Naruto Shippuden schedule anime March 2015

Naruto Shippuden schedule for March 2015

Yes, better late than never, as I now have full time to give this blog a makeover.

Feelings are mixed among fans, as some don’t like Kishimoto’s current direction and how the storyline ended, whereas there are others excited with the current developments. Well, shipping wars can do that to any popular shonen series.

If anything, we also are living now a wave of nostalgia over which were the best moments.

Frankly, I’m one of those who didn’t like very much how Kishimoto ended it on chapter 700, but I think that it’s probably that the author got tired of the series after 15 years, faced editorial pressure and studio pressure and simply wanted to wrap it up at once, and begin another storyline with Boruto to continue turning a profit.

naruto shippuden schedule

Episode 402 “Escape vs. Pursuit”   (逃走VS追跡) March 5, 2015
Episode 403 “Unwavering Gutsiness”   (諦めないド根性) March 12, 2015
Episode 404 “Tenten’s Troubles” (テンテンの悩み) March 19, 2015
Episode 405 “The Imprisoned Pai r”  (閉じ込められた二人) March 26, 2015

The pre-post-time (?) skip fillerology continues with the Chunin exams that everyone did while Naruto was away training with Jiraiya, focused on Shino, Kiba and Hinata, and eventually on TenTen, Lee and Neji. There are great character moments.



Naruto Shippuden anime schedule February 2015

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule February 2015

naruto shippuden anime schedule

Who else remembers this classic funny funky fugly Naruto moment?



The promos for last month showed us more Jiraiya and it turned out he only had some scenes training Naruto to do the Oodama Rasengan, plus pure fillerology on the Second Chunin Exam before Naruto’s return to Konoha. The sidestory with Lee seems interesting, though.

This month seems to be no different. But don’t get me wrong, these storylines are being done good, actually, like Kakashi’s ANBU arc.

Whereas Naruto: the LAST movie will be released in US theaters on June 2015 so we can finally see what’s the big ordeal about.

Episode 398 “The Night Before the Second Exam” (二次試験、前夜) February 5, 2015
Episode 399 “Survival in the Demon Desert” (魔の砂漠のサバイバル) February 12, 2015
Episode 400 “As a Taijutsu User” (体術使いとして…) February 19, 2015
Episode 401 “The Ultimate” (極めし者) February 26, 2015

Hey, I’m not complaining of the Narusasu in the ED ^^



New Axent Wear nekomimi headphones will come out on April 2015

The best nekomimi headphones on the market right now

China based manufacturer Axent Wear became notorious last year with their new nekomimi headphones in different colors, with a great fashionable design.

Originally beginning as a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, they had plenty of success with buyers worldwide, gathering almost $3 million dollars from pledgers or financists everywhere on November 2014.

However, the company announced on their Tumblr page that they would improve the quality of the sound, as well as other technical specs, and the price would be $170 + $35 shipping, instead of the original $115 + $35, which is a bit on the expensive side, but well worth it, if we compare it to other more generic models that don’t even provide good sound quality.

nekomimi headphones

This is what they posted on their Tumblr page:

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Naruto Shippuden anime January 2015 schedule

Naruto Shippuden anime schedule January 2015

Well, it seems that the new arc won’t start soon, so we have full flashback fillerology this month.

While Sasuke and Naruto are in critical conditions, his friends reflect on Naruto’s Jesus no Jutsu Naruto’s struggles to get more and more stronger.

It seems also we will get more details on Naruto’s training with Jiraiya, how he developed a better rasengan.

naruto shippuden anime

Yay! More Jiraiya nostalgia!

Episode 394 “The New Chunin Exams” (新たなる中忍試験) January 8, 2015
Episode 395 “Chunin Exams, Begin!” (中忍試験、開始!) January 15, 2015
Episode 396 “Three Problems” (三つの問題) January 22, 2015
Episode 397 “The One Fit To Be Leader” (リーダーに相応しい者) January 29, 2015

Meanwhile, the new Boruto movie will premiere on August 2015 and the UNS 4 videogame is taking everyone by storm.

The Last: Naruto movie  has a box office of so far 1.6 Billion yen in the midst of mixed criticism, and the release was delayed to January and February in other countries.

We will see what the fuss is all about, but from what I’ve heard and seen in some youtube clips, it’s not looking pretty.


80 questions that Masashi Kishimoto left unanswered in Naruto manga

80 questions that Masashi Kishimoto left unanswered in Naruto manga

Don’t get me wrong. This is not a haterade post to slam the story or its characters, it’s that simply the author left so many questions in the open that I thought they would be answered in the Naruto: The Last movie. But after the controversy and backlash it generated, I can’t help but wonder if in future manga sequels, OVAs, novels, etc, that actually follow the events of chapter 699-700:

1.- Will Sasuke ever be held accountable for his actions? Technically he is still a rogue ninja who tried to kill the Raikage, mutilated his right arm, tried to kill Karin and Sakura, etc and the list goes on.

naruto manga

2.- Would Sasuke and Naruto have founded a new ninja system?

3.- What happens to Karin, Juugo, Suigetsu, Taka group?

4.- What does Orochimaru do after the war?

5.- Will the Uchiha clan murder case be revealed on what actually happened?

6.- Will the truth about Itachi as a double agent ever be known to everyone in the village to clean the Uchiha name?

naruto manga

7.- How did Kakashi become Hokage?

8.- Why and how did Tsunade step down as Hokage?

9.- If the ninja village system is erradicated or goes back to normal, what about the story of Konohamaru and his team?

10.- How can Sakura and Sasuke become a realistic couple after all that happened? Sasuke outright rejected her in the final chapters, dismissing her love as a mere crush.

naruto manga sasusaku

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Manga Art Book 1: Superman manga

Manga Art Book 1: you have to begin somewhere

So far my biggest hurdle was to find the time to draw, and now that I have it, and in fact will have more time next year, there’s nothing else than keep going, keep going.

Sometimes you just have to find the right balance since drawing manga can be very demanding when it comes to time, since it’s not exactly a high paying job, but at the same time it’s all about perserverance, since it’s what you love to do.

Well, no more babble, I’m returning to work today on my Superman manga which has been quite delayed and made this piece:

ClarkKent15yearsold - Superman manga - manga art book

Clark Kent is 15 years old. Being homeschooled by his adoptive parents, he begins to have a better outlook on life, but still he feels so isolated, so much he can’t explain about himself…

By the way, not sure how I feel about a new ‘Krypton’ series, if they pull a Game of Thrones with it, it could be interesting, but it would be overdoing the story of Superman.